Hi, I’m Carolina.

I teach professionals simple strategies to bring balance to their lives by aligning mind, body and soul energies to create harmony, clarity, and peace, resulting in holistic wellness.

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A hectic life brings not only unbalance but in the long run, affects our mental and physical health.

The key is to build a strong inner connection that keeps us in balance.

During the workshop, we work on an inner connection to harmonize soul, mind, and body.
You will gain clarity in all aspects of your life, experience the feeling of well-being and define your personal steps to keep it up.

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Carolina has gone from a professional in science, quality assurance and project management to spiritual studies and transformation; from informal jobs to corporate management jobs; from South America to North America.

On her diverse journey, the quest of wellness has always been her focus. As a result of a lifetime of formal and spiritual education consolidated by four years of intense holistic wellness experimentation, she has succeeded in integrating all the knowledge to transform her life into a soul-driven life with harmony and peace.

She teaches in a simple, grounded and practical way, a path for inner-connection that transform a life based on overwhelming responsibilities into a life based on choices and passion.

A picture representing a left quotation markThe real magic in life is transformation.

The core is energy, the fuel is soul love and the compass is clarity.

When we integrate these into our lives, we become empowered to make extraordinary changes in everything we do, creating harmony and peace with us, others and nature.A picture representing a right quotation mark

Carolina Vasquez

Carolinavasquez.com does not provide any advice, treatment or diagnosis. I'm sharing MY experience. I'm sharing the resources, tools, and information that I thoroughly believe can make a positive impact in your life. However, I can never be responsible for your success or guarantee anything. If you don't take action, you won't get any results.


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