My work is devoted to ignite the Feminine Energy in humanity to recover balance. ”


I am Carolina.

A visionary, a dream maker, a unique mixture of feminine energy, courage and beauty. Ever since, I have been passionate of spiritual awakening and now devoted to share my learning on feminine energy to recover the energetically balance state of our beautiful world.

My invitation,

We live in an energetic world, that is a known fact nowadays. We are solely energy and the world we live in too. Energy works in vibrations, levels and tones.

One of the principles of existence is the principle of polarity. Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites. Opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree. Examples: light-dark, empty-full, black-white, feminine-masculine, etc.

This applies to energy too! Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy.

Each pole of energy engages a specific rhythm that results in specific outcomes. This is NOT related to a gender of an individual. Every human being possesses Feminine and Masculine energy within.

Today ALL MEN AND WOMEN, we are operating mainly from our masculine energy, which has put us, humanity, in an unbalanced state.

It is time to recover the balance, learning and using our own feminine energy, collectively as society, will inevitably swing us back to the middle!



The Training


FEM Powers

Feminine Energy Management.

It is a workshop for you to learn and experiment your own feminine energy. It is offered to men and women who want to balance their lives energetically.

Find out more about empowering yourself through feminine energy. Feminine energy allows intuition, creativity, passion, joy, inner peace and much more that will balance your life!


Glow your Divine Femininity

Personal Styling and Wardrobe solutions.

In a private environment, these individual sessions will allow you to dare your own femininity to its full extension through tuning to your own feminine energy. It is offered to women only who want to express their divine feminine from the soul out.

Find out more about this personal experience and allow the world to see the beauty, elegance, softness and power that lives in your higher-self. Only the woman within you knows what’s the best for you. You will learn how to create meaningful, gorgeous and feminine expressions of yourself every day!

The Inspiration

The Feminine Expression

The feminine expression is a blog about feminine energy, consciousness, self care, elegance, beauty and more. In my blog you’ll find inspirational stories, FEM powers and practical tips to help you to tune with your feminine power.



”A miracle is simply a shift in perception, a graceful act one actually places upon themselves that sets the Universe in motion to comply to ones level of consciousness with Its level of consciousness, thus producing a miracle.”

Maureen Moss