Nice to meet you !

Thank you for visiting my website. I am Carolina Vasquez and I am grateful to have the opportunity to share with you what I believe to be a powerful path to harmony, clarity, and peace.

This project is the result of a lifetime of formal education and spiritual observation consolidated by four years of intense holistic wellness integration.

For many years, I carried knowledge in my head and spirituality in my heart, both moving in opposite directions. In the separation, I kept the knowledge and abandoned the heart, without knowing the negative effects it could have on my life. Only until I work on bringing them back together in resonance, I was able to integrate holistic wellness into my life.

I believe that many people are going through the same struggle today. I am sure I can inspire them to go further into the realm of holistic wellness.

The integration process stands in a simple message:

 ife does not happen to us.

One breath, one moment, one experience at a time, We create it.

With our inner connection, we create with acute clarity bringing harmony and peace.

I’ve done it all… where is my happiness?

I found the courage to leave the comfort of a corporate job. I landed alone as an immigrant into a totally different system that I needed to learn. I barely spoke the language and I had very limited financial resources. All I possess was some experience and a degree from a foreign country.

Overcoming the fear of uncertainty, not knowing where the next meal was going to come from, I secured a corporate job within four months. Not only was I recognized, I was enjoying climbing the corporate ladder that I thought to be the best thing in the world: SUCCESS.

Despite my professional success, I felt incomplete being away from my life partner who stayed in my hometown. In the name of romance and the belief that family and love were the sources of true happiness, I quit it all. I return to my hometown with the promise to live happily ever after.

None of that happened. I was not happy. I went into the most profound crisis of my life not understanding what could have been wrong if I did all I was taught to do to be happy. I lost all my reference points about love, career, happiness and life purpose.

I realize that I have silently accepted a box of conditioned perceptions. I was waiting for life to happen as a result of doing the “RIGHT THING.” In fact, I was looking for happiness outside of myself.

 A picture representing a left quotation markI used my courage, strength, and assertiveness in the outside world expecting outcomes rather than using them in my inner world to create what I wanted.A picture representing a right quotation mark

The source of my happiness was inside of me… AWAITING MY OWN ACKNOWLEDGMENT. I was finally on my true quest for inner balance.  Destroyed and completely unbalanced, I return to my beloved Montreal. I committed to work within to recover my inner balance far from knowing that this would change my life forever!

My Happiness and much more emerged from inner balance.

I dived into my inner world with the certainty that all I needed was already inside of me. I gain clarity and shifted my perception of everything I have known. I recovered my inner balance and learn to keep it resonating in my heart. From this inner space, I now create with keen desire the experiences I want to live.

The journey has been intense, revealing and promising, opening the door to my new life.

Today I feel the rewards. I have created a deep connection with my biological body: finding my ideal weight, toning, changing my physiognomy, and improving my body systems. I feel healthier, energetic and stronger than ever. Emotionally I have healed and uplift myself to expansion and flow. Life feels lighter and more fun. I have never experienced the level of freedom and clarity that I am experiencing today. My life is harmonious and in peace.

My transformation in the quest for inner balance has resulted in a holistic wellness!  It is with my greatest love that I invite you on that journey with me. I hope I see you at my next workshop as we… GET BALANCED!

I integrated … it is time to share!

Join me for my next workshop does not provide any advice, treatment or diagnosis. I'm sharing MY experience. I'm sharing the resources, tools, and information that I thoroughly believe can make a positive impact in your life. However, I can never be responsible for your success or guarantee anything. If you don't take action, you won't get any results.


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