How well nourished are you?

How well nourished are you?

How well nourished are you? Ah! What kind of question is that, you might be wondering … Indeed, it is quite bizarre, and I can bet you might be thinking about food mainly. Well, let’s go through it under a feminine perspective. One behaviour associated to feminine...
Love Yourself Unconditionally

Love Yourself Unconditionally

Why is so hard to love yourself unconditionally? For me and for many people that I have met, judging ourselves, is part of the common dialogue. Whether, I do it sometimes through my internal dialogue or I expressed it openly, my own judgment is poisonous. It is... does not provide any advice, treatment or diagnosis. I'm sharing MY experience. I'm sharing the resources, tools, and information that I thoroughly believe can make a positive impact in your life. However, I can never be responsible for your success or guarantee anything. If you don't take action, you won't get any results.


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