The earrings of courage.

Like in the emotional world, for me the physical world has to be meaningful. Every object that surrounds me incarnate a story that goes with it. The object vibrates and irradiates the story I have lived with that particular object.

It is a fact, we lived in an energy field, everything around us is energy, us included. Objects then vibrate in a certain level of energy as they were created or used. If an object is created under anger or was used with anger, it will vibrate in that level of energy. On the other hand, if the object was created or use with love, is loving energy that will vibrate in. That’s the importance of leaving with intention and attention. The level of awareness in the present moment as we create or interact with things requires attention on our energy level vibration that will compose that object. It is important to raise the level of energy to love or any frequency above before create or use something meaningful. Cook with love, paint with love, dance with love, write with love, sculpt with love, speak with love.

The lady from the ’30s. One day my grandmother showed me some jewels she used to use when she was young. My curiosity pushed me to ask a lot of questions (I was young back then). As she passes through several of them one pair of earrings pop up my attention. I took them in my hand and I ask her: “ … and these, when did you use them?”. She smiles, the expression of her face changes as she brings the memory to her attention. She tells me her story of those earrings. “I use them to go dancing.” She said.

She told me about her pleasure of dancing, partying and having fun. She told me about the pleasure of flirtation for her. How she feels beautiful, desired, elegant and explosive with them. She told me how beautiful and attractive she was back then. She told me about how her husband became very jealous about this behaviour and how she overcomes that staying true to herself. Back in the ’30s this was not that easy, it requires a lot of courage for women to be who they want to be. As she narrates the story, and with a couple of pictures I have sawn from her, I can see her in my imagination how fantastic she was.

The embodied. I end up receiving the earrings as a present from her. Since then, every time I wear them I embodied her vibration. A vibration of beauty, elegance, flirtation, power and courage to enjoy the life you want. That energy hugs me as if she was hugging me and I feel that impulse to be what the earrings was for her. As I put them on, flashes of that conversation pop up in my mind and her smile stick with me for the day.

Having a meaningful life is indeed about details. Were everything around “means” some type of inspiring story that connects you to somewhere or someone. Where is not the value of the things that gives the importance but what it represents and connects you to. Where an object can bring you a profound smile from your soul out, or an enormous breath of inspiration, learning and growth.

Having meaning is the acknowledgement that the object itself will not remain but was the energy of it that nourish your energy field in the joy of being. does not provide any advice, treatment or diagnosis. I'm sharing MY experience. I'm sharing the resources, tools, and information that I thoroughly believe can make a positive impact in your life. However, I can never be responsible for your success or guarantee anything. If you don't take action, you won't get any results.


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