FEM Powers

This workshop is about learning: FEMFeminine Energy Management.

We live in an energetic world, that is a known fact nowadays. We are solely energy and the world we live in too. Energy works in vibrations, levels and tones.

One of the principles of existence is the principle of polarity. Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites. Opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree. In the workshop we talk about: Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy.

Today we (men and women) operate mainly from our masculine energy leaving us energetically unbalanced, with the feeling of low energy and that something is missing.

“Every human being possesses masculine and feminine energy within. Whether we use it or not, it is our free will.”

BALANCE comes when we use both!


It is critical to regain balance using our feminine energy. Feminine energy allows intuition, creativity, passion, joy, inner peace and much more that will balance your life!

We can deny it, we can resist it or embrace it and build it our way. The option is for you to choose and the results will inevitably be different.

Feminine energy can be embraced by men and women, regardless the gender, the feminine energy offers behaviours that the masculine energy does not offer.

  • Schedule: 4 hours on Saturdays
  • Groups: 10 to 15 people.
  • Type: conference format with exercises:
    • The connection: the experience is with energy only, it is above any dogma. The connection is within, through practical exercises you will connect with your own feminine energy. Feel the differences and enjoy in the discovery process.
    • The application: as we explore the different behaviours of feminine energy, we learn to manage them and make them serve us when we require them. It is the self-awareness of our own feminine energy that allows us to build it and own it. This is the opportunity to turn this consciousness into powers.

* Available in french, english and spanish.

Glow your Divine Femininity

Personal Styling and Wardrobe solutions

When a woman connects to her higher-self, touches her most basic energetic field, which is extremely sensitive and feminine, the divine feminine.

Naturally women are more sensitive to express herself from her feminine energy rather than from her masculine energy.

Unfortunately today most women operate mainly from our masculine energy shadowing any possibility of femininity.

Femininity is a behaviour supported by the divine feminine. It is a deep connection to the soul of the woman within. Only “she” knows what is the best for that woman.

A feminine woman does not lost her courage but frames it in a grace of beauty, elegance, softness, refinement, sensitivity that blows away!

“Every woman is feminine in her way!”

Femininity is build from the Soul out!

If you are interested in making glow your divine feminine, this series of private sessions will allow you to feel the experience.

  • Schedule: 5 private meetings.
  • Format: individual discussion work.
  • Type: 1 hour meeting
    • The connection: the first three meetings are targeted to build the inner connection to the woman within.
    • The application: the last two meetings are targeted to review your styling and wardrobe that matches the woman within. The styling proposed is unconventional and does not follow any fashion trends but the inner wisdom of the woman inside your heart.

 * Available in french, english and spanish.

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