Honoring your current state, is your door out!

After the Bing Bang explosion, the evolution starts its way and has never stopped since. We are part of the universe and as such we live in the process of evolution constantly between us, around us and within us. It is through transformation that this happens. The speed of transformation depends of two things consciousness and choice.

As we raise consciousness, we can catalyze the transformation process and as we choose, we hook ourselves to the next turn of the spiral.

No one scapes to transformation.

Out of sight, out of mind! Distracting the mind and avoid seeing is often the easiest door. It is a great way to keep moving quickly. It is a way of bypassing uncomfortable feelings. It seems to be the shortcut for the next day. Hoping some kind of “magic” will happen that will make the next day different and all will be over then.

The good news is that it does exist that kind of magic, the bad news is that it is not activated by avoiding, denying or resisting; The magic is activated with consciousness.

Stop! Feel and See! It is often the rough times or situations that are avoided. Honoring your current state, means not to judge it, neither accept it as a final point, nor making a party about it. Honoring means opening to your own vulnerability, observing the situation with compassion and neutrality. See it, keep staring at it, welcoming every feeling that comes with it.

Honoring is an action of surrender to THE EXPERIENCE generated in response to the state of the soul within. Acknowledging the passage through which the awakening will unveil. Honoring is talking about it, sharing it, opening to it with no judge. “Yes! this is what I am living and let me tell how it feels… ” etc.

The more it is expressed, the clearer it becomes and the magic of the awakening to the lesson appears. This is the activation of consciousness that will enable the magic.

With the clarity that consciousness brings the power of choice comes in. It becomes the compass of the next direction.

In honoring our current state will allow us to transcend to the next step. Honoring the current state is a sign of respect towards our own human experience, is respect for ourselves.