How well nourished are you?

Ah! What kind of question is that, you might be wondering … Indeed, it is quite bizarre, and I can bet you might be thinking about food mainly. Well, let’s go through it under a feminine perspective.

One behaviour associated to feminine energy is Nurture. In the spirit of motherhood that is within our feminine side, nurture is the part of taking care of someone else or ourselves. It is key here to point out that the spirit of motherhood is not related to the gender of a person; which means that either men or woman in gender, are able and structured with spirit of motherhood that allows him/her to take care for someone else or themselves.

The silly thing is that we have done this for eons, almost without thinking too much through it. It is a behaviour that is incorporated in our lives very naturally. I can say that nowadays it is done with so much automatism and preconditioning that we have perhaps abandoned it from our attention and intention.

Treat yourself like a newborn every day! That is precisely the main the issue. The lack of attention to our feminine side or lack of connection with our feminine energy results in lack of attention to our nurturing behaviour, either for us or our loved ones. When mothers have their newborns, the level of attention to what it is given to nourish these new creatures is extremely high; sometimes to the point of exact calculations and extensive previous research on the benefits or not of what they are using.

As the newborn grows older, the preconception dictates that attention could be reduced since the new creature is not that fragile as when it was born. This trend keeps going on until it reaches the adult phase, where our preconceived idea is that there is much more “important” things to give our full attention to. Very often I hear something on those lines “… I will just grab a bite of something grease and fast during my way to my next activity…” or “… I didn’t have breakfast, I don’t have time…”

Consciousness dictates that we are fragile from ages 0 to 100 or plus! Your existence in this world is based solely on your precious perfect machine YOUR BODY. If you depend on your body, why not paying full attention to what you put into it, no matter the age? Being conscious is being responsible.

You might be thinking that taking all that much attention and effort to nurturing yourself and your loved ones is hard. Indeed, it is hard to pull out a behaviour from our every day masculine energy. That is why, it is important to connect to your own feminine energy. It is in this vibration where nurturing with attention and intention flows easily and intuitively. Here is the imperative necessity of balancing your life with both sides of you (masculine and feminine side), so that we operate as a “whole” person. At the long term, when you take care of your nurture, the inevitable cascade of benefits will fall into place. Better food, better health, more energy, radiance, and other multitude of benefits that overall brings you to a well-being state.

Nurturing is not only food! Every part of the body counts, which means that your brain too needs attention and intention with a “healthy” nurturing process. Our mental health also depends solely on what you put into it. Therefore, as you will select with caution what you will eat to nourish your body likewise select with caution what you read, hear, and see. The information you put in your brain might be as toxic to your belief system as junk food to your body. Because “everybody does it” doesn’t mean you must follow in automatism.

Consciousness starts within ourselves. We can’t take care of anybody if we do not first learn to take care of ourselves. Taking care and nurturing is an expression of love. Do we love ourselves enough to well nourish ourselves? If yes, then and only then, we will be in measure of loving somebody else, expressing the love and care by nurturing him/her well. does not provide any advice, treatment or diagnosis. I'm sharing MY experience. I'm sharing the resources, tools, and information that I thoroughly believe can make a positive impact in your life. However, I can never be responsible for your success or guarantee anything. If you don't take action, you won't get any results.


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