Why is so hard to love yourself unconditionally?

For me and for many people that I have met, judging ourselves, is part of the common dialogue. Whether, I do it sometimes through my internal dialogue or I expressed it openly, my own judgment is poisonous. It is judgment that doesn’t allow me to love myself unconditionally. Judgment comes from the perspective of not following what it “should be”. The aftermath of judgment is the feeling of shame, guiltiness and fear. The “should be” template, is present everywhere. Student life, personal life, career life, family life… oh dear universe is everywhere!  Even femininity as its “template”. I compare myself with what a woman “must be”. I should have a certain body structure, certain traits on my face, another certain number of products on it, a certain way of dress and a certain way to behave. On top of making sure that I was “perfect” on all of them at the same time!

Silence is dangerous!  The non-questioning is a tacit acceptance of what is given. The lack of consciousness is devastating. The result, a society that end up accepting those “should be” templates. Without knowing they became “the only way to go”, people start following in mass and in the cling of an eye those templates became “rules”. Suddenly the ones who do not follow “the rules” feel they don’t fit or they are doing it “wrong” and there the judgment starts! Let’s leave it clear right away! It does not exist such thing as “should be” templates when it comes to divine nature including human beings. There is not such thing as “should be” template that trees must follow to be recognized as trees. There is not such thing as templates that all dogs must follow to be accepted as dogs. Why there would be a “should be” template for humans to follow?

Bingo! Here, it is what I discover when I change the perspective of things. Raising consciousness, enables the possibility of choosing a different angle of view. As I change the angle of view, I was not able to see the “should be” templates anymore. Result, judgment disappears, since I don’t have a reference to judge towards to anymore. It is the fully acceptance of what it is, as the perfection of the divine creation or divine experience that unlocks the sublime LOVE feeling.

Loving yourself, EXACTLY for who you are.

Loving yourself, EXACTLY how you are.

Loving yourself, EXACTLY with what you have done.

This is a FEM power that allows you to love yourself unconditionally. Loving yourself “no matter what”, loving yourself in the good, the bad and the ugly. Loving yourself totally and entirely, because you see the grace of your natural existence. Loving yourself unconditionally is a recognition of your uniqueness. In the world, there is only one you. LOVE YOU!

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