The Naked Mirror Effect

Yesterday, I saw a short film about a group of men that were taken into a retreat of four days, to explore their masculinity, from another angle, and perhaps their femininity. During the retreat there were several exercises, but one particularly, blown me away: the naked mirror conversation.

I realize that for many people there is nothing scarier than facing their own self… naked. No styling, no makeup, nothing that enhances or dissimulates anything. Purely your own nature, your own envelope in front of a mirror.

As long as existence goes, I know for a fact that for women, we have been publicly imposed for centuries the perfect “should be” template of a “model” body. What it amazes me was to see the same kind of judgment in a man towards their body. They also see “masculinity” under certain parameters and they measure their masculinity towards those parameters. They are less severe than women but still judgment is present.

As they remove their clothes and step naked in front of the mirror, the first feeling is nervousness, fear and discomfort. Their heads move from side to side and their eyes jump in every direction, in an attempt, to avoid looking. Why? … Why? Staring at our own naked body is too painful, too heavy to deal with, too visceral that disgust. To do it in front of others… too vulnerable… no way!

That is the magic! … in front of the mirror those men face themselves, describe themselves, and express out loud their perception of their bodies. As they try to put words to their own judging thoughts, the magic of expression starts its effect. They start laughing of the statement they hear from themselves. The power of expression allows them to listen to their own words reducing the weight of it and ultimately liberating. Silence kills. The expression liberates, that’s the magic!

Appreciation caresses the soul… the team is around sharing this intimate moment with the naked in front of the mirror; that already has 10 pounds off his shoulders, after releasing through the expression. Then the team express out loud the positive that they see. It is amazing what other people can see from us that we don’t see in ourselves. The perspective in some cases is totally different. The beauty that they see, the admiration of a pretty body. The naked person in front of the mirror could hardly believe that others can see that beauty in him. And the effect… suddenly the self-judgment position where the naked in front of the mirror started, vanishes. As he listens to the beauty of himself being described, laughter jumps in and replaces the drama.

The Naked Mirror Effect, is a meeting with our inner self, where the distractions are removed to have an intimate conversation with your soul. The effect is a de-dramatization of the ridiculous world of “should be” templates we have immersed ourselves on. It is a change of perspective of our judgment and a transformation to our own appreciation. It is the recognition of the beauty of our own nature, our own silhouette, that by the way we have chosen before the incarnation. It is a space where you assume who you are from the soul and admire the grace of expression that soul has taken in the physical world. It is the place where YOU find YOU! does not provide any advice, treatment or diagnosis. I'm sharing MY experience. I'm sharing the resources, tools, and information that I thoroughly believe can make a positive impact in your life. However, I can never be responsible for your success or guarantee anything. If you don't take action, you won't get any results.


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