Are you at a crossroads, feeling unfulfilled, craving for a deeper connection, stuck, confused about what you really want in life and fearing having regrets because you are running out of time?

I help professionals over forty and at a crossroads to build a Soul-driven life by embracing simplicity, expanding their mindset and aligning energetically so they can find the freedom, clarity and love to create their unique life, guilt free, with zero regrets.

Carolina Vasquez

I envision we create a world of freedom and love as we awaken to the universal human who consciously chooses, creates and lives every day of its life from the Soul.

20 minutes to find exactly where to


Soul-driven life

Free Self-Assessment Tool

With this self-assessment tool, you will know with precision how much clarity, balance and congruency you have with your Soul in each and every aspect of your life.

  • Uncover the hidden challenges that are stopping you from creating your ideal life.
  • Find how your mind, body and soul alignment is affecting your energy and your quality of life.

Includes a Free 30-minute Soul Mentoring.

  • I’ll share three customized strategies that work for you so you can start your journey right away.
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Honour your uniqueness, live your truth.

Hi, I am Carolina

In essence, I am a unique spark of light and love with a free will living a human experience on planet Earth.

It took me many years to find my true identity, embrace it fully, and begin living from the Soul.

Taught to follow a path to apparent success, I built a career in science and management in renowned corporations for over two decades. Successful yet always uncomfortable, I couldn’t settle for this success path. Despite the infinite possibilities to create apparent success, they no longer fed my Soul.

My relentless pursuit for freedom, meaning, purpose, happiness, and inner peace took me out of the success path, unveiling one of the most precious gifts…

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