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I CAN help you to stop living a life that is not you, and begin to live a life that IS YOU.

I help professionals over forty who are at a crossroads and are tired of feeling unfulfilled, fear missing out on their Soul’s purpose, and are in the quest of finding a way to follow their hearts and create their Soul-driven lives.

Here is the story of my transformation and awakening into living life from my Soul.

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Following the path to apparent success

For years, I walked through life, divided into two. On one side, my mind was full of education and justifications for why the path traced for success should result in the reward of happiness. On the other side, my heart was telling me to get out of the success path to follow my Essence, my inner knowledge, and reveal my greatest gifts.

Forced to make a choice, I kept the justifications and abandoned my heart without knowing the adverse effects it could have on my life.

With a Bachelor of Science degree, specializations, and all sorts of diplomas collected, I built a career in science and management in renowned corporations, climbed the corporate ladder for over two decades. I was performant and well rewarded financially. A family of my own, kids, and a dog should have been the cherry on top of the cake!

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The wake-up call

I’ve done it all… where is my happiness?

I completed the path for apparent success to find I was not experiencing plenitude in my life. On the contrary, I felt life was hard, painful, and stressful.

The separation between my mind and my heart deeply affected my personal and professional life. I lost my health, my self-esteem, and my purpose in a significant way. In a state of confusion, I could not manage my emotions, bursting conflicts in all aspects of my life.

The crisis was a call from my Soul to embark on a journey of self-discovery back to my heart.

The awakening

Taking the controversial choice of leaving the corporate ladder, I spend years exclusively to heal and recuperate my well-being and a sense of purpose.

I trained myself with an array of self-development courses, books, and techniques. The trainings dives me into a space of sensitivity, self-discovery, and Soul connection with the certainty that all I needed was already inside of me. Finally, I reached the core –energy- and from there, I worked my way up.

In my heart, I found my true identity, my infinite power to create my life, and ultimately the real source of my happiness. As I shifted my perception of everything I knew before, I recovered my inner balance and learned to keep it resonating in my heart.

I learned to manage my energy, nurture a powerful mindset and use simple strategies to live life purposefully. Here is the story of my transformation and awakening into living from the Soul.

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The service

Today I feel the rewards in concrete results. I have healed my body by creating a deep connection with it. This connection allows me to find my ideal weight and improve vital systems in my body. As a result, I feel healthier, more energetic, and stronger than ever.

Mentally, and emotionally I have healed and uplifted myself to live in expansion and flow. Life feels easier, lighter, and more fun.

I experience the freedom to express my Soul and the clarity to choose what I want to create. Furthermore, I made peace with myself, building my confidence and self-esteem.

I have reclaimed my inner power and built a powerful mindset using simple strategies to support myself daily. Many people are going through the same struggle I went through. I have felt the call to share my experience and strategies with others.

My mission is to express my Soul’s beauty and uniqueness to the world, self-actualize and be joyous every step of the way.

Today, as a transformation catalyst, my contribution is creating spaces of sensitivity, self-discovery, and Soul connection so that people feel the uniqueness, grace and clarity of their inner guidance.


Let’s do this together!

20 minutes to find exactly where to


Soul-driven life

Free Self-Assessment Tool

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With this self-assessment tool, you will know with precision how much clarity, balance and congruency you have with your Soul in each and every aspect of your life.

  • Uncover the hidden challenges that are stopping you from creating your ideal life.
  • Find how your mind, body and soul alignment is affecting your energy and your quality of life.

Includes a Free 30-minute Soul Mentoring session

  • I’ll share three customized strategies that work for you so you can start your journey right away.


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Life does not happen to us.
We create it with every thought, every choice, and every experience.

 The real magic in life is transformation.
The core is energy, the fuel is Soul love, and the compass is the heart.

Honour your uniqueness, live your truth.

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