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Aug 2, 2020 | Foundational Posts

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In the third pillar article, We are Light and Unconditional Love, we simplify and purify our identity. As a result, we redirect massive amounts of energy spent defending, promoting, protecting, or justifying a false identity. In this fourth pillar -creators by nature- we will begin to tap into our innate inner potential. This potential is what we will use to create holistic wellness using our energy.

We have explored the first three foundational pillars out of six The Six Pillars to Live From The Soul. Now for the next three pillars, things will get entangled together to run as one complex system. Therefore, it is crucial to keep in mind a holistic approach when we work on ourselves.

The Expression Triangle

To understand how we operate as creators, let’s remember one of the powerful tools I have already explained in pillar number two Energy to Matter. I have explained, in detail, how energy transforms to matter in what I called The Expression Triangle. A simple process from frequency to energy to matter.

This triangle is fundamental to understand how we are creators by nature and materialize things in our reality. I want to emphasize, this process runs indefinitely at all levels of the universe, in all beings, at all times. This process is a primary character of The One Cosmic Consciousness, where we come from. Consequently, this process is part of us as humans too. Chances are you are running the process in this exact moment in your life, materializing something, whether you are conscious of it or not.

Triangle of energy

The Essence Triangle

Now I will link the creation process -from energy to matter- mention above with YOU, specifically how you use it in every minute of your life to create your reality. The creation process starts with a frequency that gives the energy pattern that will manifest in something we can perceive in our physical reality. Since our Essence/Spirit has received the precious gift of free will, it is up to us to choose what we want to materialize.

Let’s remember Essence/Spirit is a fractal of the One Cosmic Consciousness with a unique spark of life and free will. It is this uniqueness that defines the Self, who wishes to know itself. Out of free will, the Self chooses to live a human experience and, as an individual, then sculpts its adventures as it explores itself.

In brief, your Essence/Spirit has a unique spark of life with free will and is gifted with a magic wand to create what you want to experience based on your choices.

The process Essence / Spirit uses to choose what to create is based on the core systems of human experience. I have defined it as The ESSENCE TRIANGLE. I have sketched it also in a simple equilateral triangle. One angle is thoughts and beliefs, the second angle is emotion, and the third angle is allowance and willpower. The triangle reads like this: what you predominantly think and believe generates a strong emotion that translates into a state of being, preparing you to receive and inspiring you to take action when necessary.

Crafting Experiences

Your Essence/Spirit uses these codes (thought, belief, emotion, allowance and willpower) to knit its life with the aim of self-discovery. It is a very simple trilogy but so fundamental for our happiness and peace. Stay for a moment in the simplicity of this triangle. In light of this concept, contemplate the thoughts and beliefs you have been maintaining. This observation is an exercise of awareness about our responsibility in our lives.

It’s time now to ensemble the diamond that makes us creators by nature. Imagine joining the two equilateral triangles (Expression Triangle and Essence Triangle) by the base. One is pointing upwards, and the second is pointing downwards, resulting in a diamond shape. The triangle facing upwards is The Essence Triangle, and the triangle facing downwards is The Expression Triangle. Voila! The Self Diamond.

Diamond of energy multicolored

The Self Diamond

What I have called the SELF DIAMOND is then this system made up of two intertwined processes: a definition of what the Self wants to create -Essence Triangle- and the expression of energy to matter -Expression Triangle- to make it a reality.

This Self Diamond will read like this: that which we give attention to, often enough to make it a prevailing thought, defines the vibratory frequency in which the creation process starts. A defined frequency then irradiates this energy attracting more of the same, generating a strong emotion that architect the energy pattern that will materialize as something we perceived in our reality for us to experience it. The strong emotion causes a STATE OF BEING -allowance- that attracts us more of the same and prepares us for expectancy to receive, thus inspiring us to take actions when necessary. As a result, a shape/form takes place in the physical dimension and becomes our reality.

“What you think, feel, and experience in your life is always a vibrational match.”

“Abraham” by Esther Hicks.

This is a process that runs all the time within us, whether we are conscious or not. Unfortunately, we have been using it on autopilot, costing us our freedom, balance, and peace.

The price for not being conscious creators

The trap that takes us into such unbalance is the unconscious state in which we allow this simple process to run. We tend to believe things “happens” to us, blaming others and searching for a person to solve things rather than understanding that we have created those things in our lives.

Would you take a car ride driven by a blind and deaf driver?

Yet this is how some of us run our lives on autopilot.

The autopilot represents an untrained mind running unchosen beliefs and unconscious thoughts that we entertain, which in the Expression Triangle defines the frequencies for us. The autopilot is removing us from the responsibility of being in command. The cost of losing responsibility is giving our energy and power away. Those unchosen beliefs and unconscious thoughts not only draw your vital energy but have power and dominium over you. It even might feel like an invisible prison.

Ask yourself, who is driving my car: the autopilot or myself?

The way humanity has been using this diamond is as follows: entertaining fear thoughts and survival beliefs define the frequency. In addition, we comply with the social conditioning about our emotions define our energy. Lastly, we pretend to create from matter to matter.

All this drains our vital energy, getting us enslaved and submissive to a harsh reality. Oblivious to the fact that we created that reality for ourselves with our thoughts. The social conditioning is full of those “tags” and false identities I have talked about specifically in pillar number three. Instead of taking command of our diamond and creating our reality by taking the driver’s seat, we have given the power away.

The Guide of The Soul

Our Essence/Spirit, which knows we are creators by nature and how the creation process works, is in constant communication to guide us in our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. When the human disconnects from its Essence/Spirit, it can not listen to the guide. In this case, the human listen to social conditioning and ego, and since it doesn’t know the creation process, it puts its mind on autopilot to focus on the “work” in the physical dimension as the only means to achieve what it wants.

Creations in autopilot result in outcomes that our soul doesn’t resonate with. The disconnection generates a deep inner conflict, incoherence, between who we think we are and who we truly are. We are not in integrity with our Essence/Spirit, causing low vibration emotions (anger, depression, sadness, frustration, sorrow etc.) and sometimes physical pain.

Now you know the innate power we have to create realities and how we are using it constantly. That is why we are creators by nature.



Creators by Nature

We, as humans, have the innate power of creation. We carry the same CREATOR character as the One Cosmic Consciousness from which we come from and to which we will return. Since we are gifted with free will to discover ourselves and choose what we want to experience, we also receive the tool to create those experiences: the power of creation. Indeed, it is in our nature to create fellow humans because it is in our nature to expand to know ourselves.

This pillar is about leaving the attitude of victims. Stop feeling enslaved by the family, the society, the situation, the government, or the world. This pillar calls you to adopt the position of the CREATOR. This pillar helps you stop draining energy resources in protecting, defending, promoting, or justifying any part of the reality. It inspires you to create and enjoy your existence.

Becoming Responsible Creators

It is time to recover our power. Adopting the character -creators by nature- is claiming the sovereignty of our life, mind, and experiences.

If we want to live well and feel well, enjoy a happy and peaceful life at all levels, WE HAVE TO CREATE IT! We need to take the steering wheel of our car in our hands and start driving our lives with command. To use the Self Diamond, you don’t need to pay anything or to go anywhere; you only need awareness of how it works and connection to your Essence/Spirit. This connection is free and timeless. You can sync your Essence/Spirit whenever you choose to do so and at any moment. Are you willing to sync?

Before we get into the sync process, there is another vital aspect of us as humans to consider in the equation. Let’s move on to the fifth foundation pillar for holistic wellness a new paradigm: spiritual beings living a human experience.

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