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Jul 31, 2020 | Foundational Posts

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Welcome to the first article of a series of six articles that explain in detail the foundations to create holistic wellness through a new paradigm, using your energy. I wrote the articles in order and continuity so that you can follow through with the principles easily. If you wish to have a quick resume of all the six foundations, click here.

In this article, I will explain the first foundation, energy is all that exists. To integrate a state of well-being in our body, minds, and spirit, we will have to work at the energy level. Energy is the only language, if you will, that could communicate and align all the pieces together in harmony.

Energy is a very complex subject to unfold; Firstly, because the human race has limited knowledge about energy per se (compared to other races) due to our current consciousness state. Secondly, because of the conflictive division between science and spirituality when it comes to defining energy. Each side pulls its string as a “truth,” invalidating the opposite side, forcing to pick one. Fortunately, in recent years these two have been approaching one another, slowly but surely, in one common ground.

For the moment, I will try to merge information of both and use it to frame the relevance to holistic wellness in our lives since this quest is what joins us in this blog.

The Cosmos

Energy encompasses all that exists and considers all as a unified whole. Cosmos in Greek means order and harmony. The cosmos is then a ONE orderly, unified, harmonious field. The sense of order and harmony in such a vast space without any human intervention, unquestionably open my mind to an intrinsic cosmic intelligence.

Quantum physics has dedicated many years of research to study the physical reality structure. Narrowing down from higher levels -cellular- to the smaller level possible -super unified scale- they have arrived to a field of indivisible wholeness, called UNITY. What it is now referred to the Unified Field. A Unified Field is a field of vibrational states, of infinite energy density, of endless dynamics and ultimately the source of everything that exists.

This unified SOURCE capable of expressing itself as an orderly, harmonious cosmos, must have a level of unbounded awareness or intelligence. Although science can not yet prove out of any doubt where does consciousness comes from, it would be untruthful to deny the harmony and perfection in which everything in the cosmos expresses without our intervention. Take a look at the mitosis process, the systems running our body, the reproduction process, the ecosystems balancing process, the planets spinning in the galaxy. It must exit a conscious intelligence behind it all. Ancient civilizations on their side, they have observed this grace and often relate the SOURCE to SPIRIT.

Energy, Spirit & Cosmos

Here is an extract of ancient texts as early as the second century.

“The One is the invisible spirit. We should not think of it as a god or like a god. For it is greater than a god, because it has nothing over it and no lord above it.  It does not exist within anything inferior to it, since everything exists within it alone.  It is eternal, since it does not need anything. For it is absolutely complete. It has never lacked anything in order to be completed by it. Rather, it is always absolutely complete in light. The One is.” Extract from The Nag Hammadi Library – The Secret Book of John. [1]

In essence, energy is all that exists since all the cosmos comes from a Unified Field of energy -vibration/light- which unfolds through an intelligent awareness -spirit-. In many spiritual and metaphysical studies, this awareness is called CONSCIOUSNESS.

To keep it in simple words, we will reference this aware Unified Field as THE ONE COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS. It is sometimes called also: The Source, The Universe, Higher Intelligence, The Creator, or God.

Hands with energy spinning
The One Cosmic Consciousness is from which all things come from and where all things must return.

Therefore, this source, The One Cosmic Consciousness, is commonly called “Home.”

The Light

Quantum physicists state that the material world – the physical world we see- is variable energy fields or frequencies. When we talk about energy, we are talking elementary about LIGHT. The smallest piece of light is known as Photon. Also known as a quantum of light or package of frequencies. It is the frequency that will determine the energy of the photon. With this in mind, before there is light, it has to be frequency.

The frequency of the One Cosmic Consciousness is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. In the purest state, we come from unconditional love, and we will return to unconditional love.

From the One Cosmic Consciousness -Unified Field-, a variety of frequencies pulse in expansion giving form to the diversity of life. 


In conclusion, there are three points to retain about energy is all that exists concerning your well-being in this life: structure, identity, and connection.

Structure, in simple terms, we are built up in ENERGY. Any structural change you pursue in your life can only transforms through the primary building blocks -energy. If you want to change something in your body, perhaps change a thought or emotion, change your decisions, then you will need to address your energy first. Work on the origin, not the result. We must then embrace our ENERGETIC BODIES and work with it under the same law energy does. Energetic bodies tend to expand continually manifesting its vibrations in different forms, either visible or invisible. Vibrations are entangled and inseparable. Vibrations are not destroyable, only transformable.

In terms of identity, we are simply LIGHT & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE at the core. It is the true identity to which we should go back to every time we experience discomfort. We are not our experiences or labels that we have lived in this human experience. To reach a state of happiness and peace while we live, we must detach from false identities and stick to our true and only identity.

Finally, connection, we are ONE COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS. If we come from a Unified Field, an indivisible field, then we must still be united to something. Indeed, we do. We are united with everything. To embrace true well-being, we must embrace the connection we have with everything in the cosmos. Imagine a fine thread forming a gigantic energy web -consciousness grid- through which creation is all connected – yes, that includes you!

Energy & Holistic

By transitivity, the same happens in our lives. Every aspect of our lives is connected. For instance: body, mind, and spirit are all connected in one system. Individual, family, and societal are all connected in one system and so forth. This intrinsic connection brings us the most crucial aspect of wellness HOLISTIC. Whether we notice it or not, working in one aspect will inevitably impact the others. Improving to a better state requires working in all the elements simultaneously.

Its time now to explore the second foundation pillar for holistic wellness a new paradigm: Energy to Matter

[1] The Gnostic Society Library – Translation by Marvin Meyer.

** Thanks to Pixabay & its contributors for the images.

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