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Jul 31, 2020 | Foundational Posts

Title energy to matter with a teal equilateral triangle and three circles in each angle


In the first pillar article Energy is All That Exists, we explored the building blocks of our lives, from which we must work to create holistic wellness. In this second pillar, we will understand the transformation process from energy to matter. How can you go from energy to a visible change in your life.

Let’s go back to the Unified Field or The One Cosmic Consciousness from which everything in creation comes from. The smallest piece of light is known as Photon. Also known as a quantum of light or package of frequencies. Furthermore, a photon is in perpetual motion.

Energy to matter

The photon uses its energy, to express the diversity of life, using these codes: light, sound, frequency, and vibration.

The photon is the smallest piece of LIGHT, these energy units’ contract and expand through a pattern of energy waves flashing “on” and “off” known as FREQUENCY. The expansion and contraction result in a forced oscillating motion from a state of equilibrium, fluctuating above and below some mean value. This repeated motion is known as VIBRATION.

The combination of all these codes will create the VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY RATE of all things. This rate creates energy patterns that our consciousness and DNA process to create the external reality in the physical world. Once the material creation is completed, we gain awareness of its presence as the last part of the process. Since the awareness of presence is the last step, we get tricked into the illusion that what we see is purely solid.

“The universe is superficially complex but fundamentally simple. The universe is superficially diverse but fundamentally unified.”
Dr. John Hagelin – Quantum Physicist

Title Energy to matter with a teal equilateral triangle and three circles in each angle

The Expression Triangle

In light of creating a simple holistic wellness language to communicate, avoiding the trap of complexity, I have narrowed all of the above to what I called the Expression Triangle.

A straightforward scheme of the expression from energy to matter: sound to light to shape.

Imagine simply an equilateral triangle. One angle is frequency -sound-, the second angle is energy -light- and the third angle is matter -shape-. The triangle read like this: energy vibrating at a defined frequency expresses a specific matter form.

Stay for a moment in the simplicity of this triangle: frequency – energy – matter. Contemplate everything around you from this perspective. This contemplation is an exercise to stretch our minds into newly expanded views.

Now, let’s change -matter- and called it a reality. Essentially the triangle shows us that if I want to change the reality, energy must change its frequency.

Map of Consciousness

It is key to understand that energy can transform into the physical world to perceive it with our senses: see, taste, and touch. In like fashion, it also turns into invisible results to the naked eye but is perceived by the individual, like thoughts or emotions. It is here where our comprehension of energy must expand further from what we see.

Fortunately, today we have access to some research that helps us understand the One Cosmic Consciousness and its potential. A map would come very handy to know with precision what we are creating with our energy. This map is exactly what Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. with The Institute for Spiritual Research, has been working for more than 30 years. A dedicated lifetime to the study of consciousness.

The Map of Consciousness [1] is a range of logarithmic values that correspond to levels of consciousness. It helps to understand the classification and characteristics of the different energy fields and include attitudes and emotions that we can well-recognize in ourselves to use it as a guide. 

This book is one that I truly recommend: Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior by Dr. David R. Hawkins. Through the exploration of our behavior, we can identify with acute precision our energy levels. This awareness is crucial to create holistic wellness in our lives.

The infinite potential

At the most fundamental level, everything that exists, in reality, unfolds from energy. Therefore, this raw material is unlimited and mouldable to any shape or forms my imagination could reach. This perception opens my mind to an infinite potential of exploration.

After all, when it comes to creating a state of well-being in body, mind, spirit, the Expression Triangle gives me a powerful tool. A place where lies in all the possibilities and potential. It generates a sense of empowerment and control since every person can use the Expression Triangle. You don’t need any special education, memberships, permits, taxes, or conditions to access your energy to use it. You already have it in your heart; it is an inherited talent from the One Cosmic Consciousness. Once the frequency is defined, no one can interfere in the expression of the matter. The triangle is incorruptible and straightforward. It is pure in its way to operate.

On the contrary, it is us that we have become complicated, corrupted, and impure in our human experience, losing touch on our innate ability to master energy. The next pillar is fundamental to recover the simplicity and pureness of our spirit.

Let’s move on to the third foundation pillar for holistic wellness a new paradigm: We are Light and Unconditional Love.

[1] Map of Consciousness® –

** Thanks to Pixabay & its contributors for the images.

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