Spiritual Beings Living a Human Experience

Aug 4, 2020 | Foundational Posts

Title spiritual beings living a human experience with a sketch close-up of human eye and pupil as the cosmos surrounded by flowers.


In the fourth foundational pillar article Creators by Nature, we learned about our innate power to create through a simple system that I called The Self Diamond. You were invited to shift from victim to creator. In this fifth pillar -spiritual beings living a human experience- we gain perspective and distance concerning our lives. We gain a new stand towards our life that will exponentially help us create the holistic wellness we wish quickly. 

As I said in other articles, in the first three foundational pillars out of six The six pillars to live from the Soul we explored who we are and where we come from. The fourth, fifth, and sixth pillars will entangle together to run as one system to explore why we are here. If you feel a little bit lost as you read this article, it might be a good idea to start from pillar one. There are all written in continuity.

Open Mind

Before we go any further, I want to invite you to flex your mind to new possibilities, new rules and different physics to grasp the concepts as you read the following articles.

Due to our experience in this third-dimensional world, we tend to believe that everything in our lives behaves under the same rules (Newtonian physics), linearity and compartmentalization. I invite you to leave this perception aside for a moment as we go further.

Open your mind to the possibility that, outside the third dimension, somethings in our lives behave differently under different rules (Quantum physics). Here are three key ideas I want you to embrace as you read: firstly, there is no beginning neither an end. Secondly, there is no linearity, no time, no space; therefore, things can express simultaneously at all times and places. Thirdly, there aren’t separate compartments; instead, all that exists is entangled and connected -unified-. Try to keep these three ideas in mind not only to understand how are spiritual beings living a human experience but also when you work on your holistic wellness.


By now, you already know that Essence/Spirit with a unique spark of life -Self- has now the free will to move through the cosmos as it wishes. It is equipped with all the knowledge, information, power, and grace of the One Cosmic Consciousness. It has the opportunity to explore anything it wishes; therefore, the cosmos becomes a playground. Remember, the ultimate purpose of detachment or individualization, from the source in the first place, was to know itself from different angles and perspectives.

Individualization is a self-discovery process to know and experiment with our unique attributes and integrate them into our soul as we go back to the infinite source. Then, every exploration should result in active learning about that Essence/Spirit to integrate and transcend. Other than gaining awareness/knowledge to transcend until the Essence/Spirit has achieved the infinite consciousness that permeates all life and existence, there is no other purpose to go back in unity with the One Cosmic Consciousness.

This process of self-discovery runs in cycles, also called lifetimes and through dimensions. Although we as a human race are very young and haven’t fully comprehended dimensions neither manage them at will, we are on the verge of expanding our knowledge of it rapidly as we embrace our entrance to a new consciousness octave. (more on this here)

Third Dimension

For this article, we will consider dimensions as planes of existence -different layers in which you can exist. Each plane of existence works at different frequencies and have different rules.   

One of the dimensions we will concentrate on in this article is the third dimension. A plain of existence in which we experience space, time, duality, cause and effect. This third dimension is what we called our physical reality on our planet Earth.

In this dimension, we have a strong awareness of an individual self, as well as, the diversity of life around us. We experience width, depth and height as our physical senses perceived separation and distance. We see things separated (space) in isolated instances (time). It is here where it starts our path of discovering “what I am?” through exploring space, time, duality, cause and effect.

To experience this dimension, we need a human vessel. Incarnation is a process when Essence/Spirit enters a human vessel to run a self-discovery cycle. Each cycle is a lifetime, and we will run many cycles to transcend into higher levels of consciousness and integrate until we merge back to The One Cosmic Consciousness.

The Human Vessel

When Essence/Spirit chooses to incarnate -enter a human vessel- three things are required for this to happen:

Create a Body:

As energy beings, we need a physical vessel to experience the third dimensionality and a portal to enter inside this human realm. Therefore, we choose an ovule and sperm through which the human vessel will take shape and a womb to enter the world.

In case you are wondering, yes, we all have chosen our mother/father or the absence of them too.

With that choice, we inherit all the family lineages that come with them. This choice is well thought by our Essence/Spirit since the chosen family provides crucial elements for our self-discovery agenda in this incarnation and our transcendence process.

Know that our Essence/Spirit plans very carefully and thoroughly the learnings to be discovered during the incarnation. Every detail is divinely defined. We incarnate on purpose, with unique attributes and in groups, crossing The Wind of Birth, one at a time.

For your family, you sometimes incarnate as a teacher, sometimes as the one to be taught, sometimes you incarnate profoundly as lessons for others. Please be compassionate for your incarnation and that of others.

Create a Soul:

We create a Soul as an engine to run the different cycles of self-discovery. In other words, one Soul -engine- that live multiple lifetimes -cycles-. In that way, the Soul will accumulate the past experiences and learnings over lifetimes. The Soul also acts as a door to access our Essence/Spirit (Higher Self). Remember that Essence/Spirit contains all the information, knowledge, power, and grace of the One Cosmic Consciousness. It is then our library of reference, if you will, to consult it when we need help and guidance. The library will offer us all we need, within the confines of the lessons to learn in this particular incarnation. Don’t forget we are all in the self-discovery journey; hence we will receive clues to experience the discovery.

Create an Ego:

We create an ego. It is an artificial intelligence because it is not the One Cosmic Consciousness. This artificial intelligence helps the individual to operate the complexity of the human vessel. The human vessel contains many individual systems, all of them with their proper frequency and consciousness, yet they entangled and connected perfectly between each other, looking as one system.
Since the individual has a choice and free will, it has the ability to influence the operation of those systems. The ego is a tool used to talk between the mind, heart, body, and soul to create the experiences. The ego gets programmed through the intellect, environment and polarity -duality-.

Until here, we have seen how spiritual beings end up living a human experience in a third dimension.

The Trap of the Ego

As we saw, the ego does not come from consciousness; neither can it access the Spirit/Essence without using the Soul. In spiritual literature, the ego is the acronym of “Edging God Out.” Referring to the idea that God (The One Cosmic Consciousness) is not intrinsically present in ego.

The ego is programed through the intellect and the environment of the lifetime. Polarity or duality plays a crucial role in this programming. Positive polarity or negative polarity is a choice the individual makes as it grows up according to the ideas planted in the intellect and its environment.

Positive Polarity:

When the ego is connected to the Soul, the ego will get most of its programming from Essence/Spirit. As a result, Essence/Spirit will use it as a tool to help the being in the self-discovery process. It will also help the being to deploy a personality -individuality- that helps to accomplish its agenda in a particular incarnation. These are positive polarity beings that evolve through creativity, compassion, teaching, sharing and learning.

Negative Polarity:

On the contrary, when the ego is disconnected from the Soul, then there is no point of contact with the Essence/Spirit. In that case, the ego gets programmed from the environment only. Here is the significant danger of the “tags” or false identities I have discussed in pillar three. The environment, mainly out of competition and physical survival plus the tags, will program the ego. The being will consequently deploy a personality -individuality- based on exploiting everything around itself for the sake of self-gain as means of competition and survival. These are negative polarity beings that evolve through constant competition, manipulation and violence.

The human vessel cannot eliminate the ego, but it can be connected to the Soul and reprogrammed by Essence/Spirit to help us creating holistic wellness.

The Challenge of The Game

Finally, the last step in our incarnation process is the “veil of forgetting” or “veil of amnesia” we are born with. This veil prevents us from remembering all our other incarnations, who we are, where we come from, and why we came for. We start a life with a blank sheet to LIVE the adventure of self-discovery and find the lessons we planned to learn in that particular incarnation. Nevertheless, in some cases, the person will remember what is necessary and useful to learn its lessons.

Although it might sound “unfair” this imposition, let’s not forget that the only purpose of existing as an individual is to know itself to walk back to the Source. Essentially the game is about dropping you in a blind spot and giving you clues for you to find your way back home.

I believe you have heard the expression: “Life is a game.” Indeed, the human experience is literally an INDIVIDUAL GAME, make sure you play it within the confines of your discovery process. Each person has its own game to play, and one must not interfere in other’s game, since it would be ignorant of other’s incarnation agenda. Therefore, the importance of respecting the non-interference law, regardless of the relationship type (friend, couple, parent, etc.)

At this stage, the Spirit Being has incarnated in a new flesh human body, fully equipped to live its experience and lands on the planet Earth.

The game starts…


Spiritual Beings Living a Human Experience

The term we are spiritual beings living a human experience now makes a lot of sense. Next, we will see how the being creates all its experiences for self-discovery. The Essence/Spirit lives its experiences through a five-step process; I have called it THE SELF-ACTUALIZATION PROCESS.

An infinity symbol with a bright yellow light in the middle where lines cross.

The Self-Actualization Process

This process repeats itself multiple times, as it passes by both polarities (negative/positive) and both planes (astral and physical). To describe it easily I use an infinity symbol. Imagine the infinity symbol. Imagine a dot in the middle where the lines cross. This dot is the trigger of the process and is step one.

Step 1 – Choice

The first step honors our free will. We have the right to choose what we want to live. Let’s bring back to the table our energetic nature and the way we transform energy into the matter within the confines of the collective consciousness and the dimension we are in. Everything starts with the frequency and intention of the choice. Out of love or out of fear, the human makes a choice -frequency- to live something. 

The point in the middle of the infinity symbol represents the bubble of potential, where all the possibilities are available. Unfortunately, our programming, conditioning, and fears often limit our choices. Also, we might have been making choices from societal templates. You might be familiar with expressions like: “That’s how people do it.” or “That’s how life works.” etc.

The fact of making a choice (limited or not) gives the human some sort of command over its life. In other cases, the human does not make a choice, in which case it ends up experiencing the rebound effects of other people’s choices. The undecided human then reacts to the situation making reactive decisions instead of making an individual choice for himself in the first place.

Step 2 – Expression

From that point in the center of the infinity symbol – the choice-, the loop opens up. Imagine the loop on the left, and at the bottom of this loop is step two.

When the human makes a choice, it unleashes a cascade of events to interact with, to materialize the choice. Here we can see The Self Diamond in action that I explained in the article Creator by Nature.

Since we are confined to time/space and some third-density laws in the collective consciousness, the time between the choice and the materialization could span from minutes to years, even lives. Nevertheless, it will also depend on the individual level of consciousness, and the mastery of working with the creation process integrating human systems (body, mind, heart, soul, and ego). Thus, the importance of balancing the temple within. I will explain this in the next article.

The expression is always happening according to frequency. If the human started with a specific frequency and changes its frequency along the road, the results might be different than the one intended. Whether we are conscious or not, whether we wanted that or not, the point here is that we are always creating. Then, it is vital to bring our attention to what we are creating right now and what we desire. Where it is our focus, it is our frequency. Then the question becomes: It is our focus on our self-discovery process or in reacting to other people’s choices or in what we do not want?

Step 3 – Experience

Back to the infinity symbol scheme, Expression was at the bottom part of the left loop, place Experience at the upper part.

Once things are a reality in the material world, we interact with them as humans. We LIVE THE EXPERIENCE with the complexity of all our entangled systems -mind, heart, body, soul, ego-. Spiritual beings living a human experience!

I think that is in this step where most of the humans get tricked and stuck in the process. Often as we live the experience, we end up believing we “ARE” the experience. We ignore the purpose of the experience to teach us a lesson. Instead, we get attached to the experiences as if it was our identity. We stop choosing new experiences for our self-discovery; instead, we start choosing ways to hold on to an experience that we believe we “are.” Before we know it, everything gets messed up, and we can pass a lifetime attached to false reality and stop self-discovering. By the way, this brings a lot of sorrow, anxiety, and pain to human life.

Step 4 – Integration

In our scheme of the infinity symbol, we have drawn one loop to the left; now, let’s imagine the loop to the right. In the bottom part of the right loop is step four -integration.

Integration is the step in which we are supposed to observe our lived experience and find the lessons we were meant to receive. It is a moment when we purge ourselves; we keep the learnings and let go of the rest that is not needed anymore for our voyage. It is decision-making time. We CHANGE leaving old stuff behind and applying the new learnings to our life. The experience has ended, and we are ready to move on.

Due to the fact of attachment to the experience that I have mentioned above, often, humans don’t reach this step naturally but forcibly. Usually, it happens a very extreme or tragic situation, commonly called “wake-up call” that forces us into this step. In some cases, this is enough to unblock the person and keep it spinning in the self-discovery process. In other cases, the attachment is so strong that the person ends up not living an integration but looping itself into a heartbreaking experience. They stay living in a big drama.

Often this step generates a lot of friction in our environment due to the changes we adopt from our learnings. Sometimes the external resistance makes us tremble, but the path must continue. It is normal, healthy, and necessary to change. To change represents the primordial characteristic of energy -expansion-. People who change are growing; people who don’t change are blocking their evolution.

Step 5 – Transcendence

In the scheme of the infinity symbol, place in the upper part of the right loop the step five, transcendence.

Once the changes have been integrated, the level of consciousness rises to a whole new perspective. This step is where we lay down new foundations to live our life based on this new level of consciousness. All integrated human systems physically change as they “download”, if you will, the new level of consciousness.

With a renewed body, mind, soul, heart, and ego in an elevated state of consciousness, the being contemplates the next experience to create. It goes back to the middle point of the infinity symbol (bubble of potential) choosing a frequency to re-start the cycle.

When the person has done its homework finding the lessons, integrating them by making the changes, and transcending them, it is called a CONSCIOUS CYCLE. Without a doubt, choices out of a conscious cycle will always be for a better and more joyful experience in life.

When the person has not done an integration process, then there is no transcendence. There is no shift in consciousness. The person will start the cycle again, but from the same level of consciousness and with the same foundations it had before. This person might then be living the same type of problems, the same type of partners, or the same circumstances over and over.

In conclusion

The Self-Actualization Process is how we and all the universe evolve. By knowing ourselves and transcending is how we WIN THE GAME OF LIFE. The route back home to the Source.

We choose to live a process of individualization in a third dimension by incarnating into a human body. We live multiple experiences in a lifetime in which we learn about ourselves and our potential. Discover attributes of our Essence/Spirit and our unique spark of life. Integrated what we have learned and change or adapt to our discoveries. We raise our consciousness one step closer to the One Cosmic Consciousness. And start the game again. The game of life is a hero’s journey. We are spiritual beings living a human experience.

We move through this five-step process in micro-scale, nevertheless, a mirror also happens on a bigger scale -lifetimes-. This mirror means that we might have an entire series of lifetimes significantly in experimentation, just playing with the world and having fun. Other series of lifetimes mainly in integration, changing, and transformation. Another round of lifetimes in transcendence, releasing it all back to the universe, sharing and supporting others. Remember that everything in the cosmos works fractalized—mirrors upon mirrors.

The Takeaway

This pillar is an invitation to take some distance from what you see as your “reality” today. Shifting the perception that your life is not a rigid thing in which you have very little control. On the contrary, it is an invitation to embrace your life from the creator’s character. See yourself as spiritual beings living a human experience. This pillar challenges you to observe those five-steps in every aspect of your life, taking command to make conscious choices.

It is an invitation to get detached from people, things, situations as they are merely experiences to deliver a message. It is an invitation to TRANSCEND out of love for yourself.

These invitations are crucial when it comes to creating holistic wellness in our lives. Embracing your Essence/Spirit and living a human experience consciously will allow you to have more fun in the process. You are ultimately bringing happiness and a sense of inner peace with things, people around, your decisions, and with yourself.

Let’s move on to the sixth and last foundation pillar for holistic wellness -a new paradigm: The Temple of the Self. We will learn about the Temple within, how it sources us of infinite vital energy and guide us to create holistic wellness in our lives.

* Infinity image – Designed by Freepik
** Thanks to Pixabay & its contributors for the images.

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