The Six Pillars to Live From the Soul

Jul 31, 2020 | Foundational Posts

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Holistic wellness, to live well, feel well, and enjoy a happy and peaceful life at all levels. This apparent utopia gets very real only when we work at the energy level, but it requires a paradigm shift in our comprehension of life and wellness. In this article, I am going to explain what I consider the six pillars for holistic wellness, offering a paradigm shift to manage life at the energy level.

Our Fails in Wellness

Wellness is a common pursuit. Especially, nowadays, stress, depression, and anxiety cases are rising in numbers: “Stress levels in the workplace are rising with 6 in 10 workers in major global economies.” according to The Regus Group. “Depression is among the leading causes of disability worldwide.” according to the World Health Organization.

Our young generations are also affected by these conditions, even from the earliest ages, to make it worst. They are suffering tremendous amounts of unnecessary stress and anxiety.

For this reason, wellness has become IMPERATIVE for humans today, but it requires a paradigm shift.

We have attempted to “find” wellness through different fronts. Some people had tried through nutrition, others through psychology, others studying emotional intelligence, and a few exploring mindfulness and spiritual techniques, yet the statistics show we are losing it. It seems humans are far away from reaching this happy and peaceful life. It seems to be becoming even worst. With an increasing pursue of money and power, the intemperance in the use of technology – smartphones, AI, VI, VAR –, the disconnection from physical human relationships (losing sympathy) and the loss of reverence for our planet earth, we are failing miserably.

Why Are We Failing?

We are failing mostly because of two factors: the attachment to a false identity and the belief in separation.

Neither we see, nor we recognize our PRIMORDIAL identity. Instead, we force, fight, and defend an imposed list of “tags” as an identity. As soon as we are born, we receive a name, a religion, a nationality, a race; as we grow, it adds up ideologies, titles and behavioural patterns, making us believe that WE ARE those. Even more, we are taught we need those “tags” for “success.” Hence, this false identity pulls us and makes us push our righteousness. Consequently, we drain all energy resources in a pushing-pulling game every single day.

The belief of separation fissures our life at all levels. We believe the body is separated from the thoughts and emotions. That the mind doesn’t control reality, and the soul is unplugged from the mind. Furthermore, we believe we are separated from other humans, society, the planet, the cosmos, and consciousness. And the biggest separation, we believe that energy is separated from matter.

I want to point out that a particular state of consciousness built these two factors during a particular era of time in human history. Fortunately, evolution keeps its pace, propelling us into a new era of time and with it a call to a higher state of consciousness so as to shift our paradigms and create new references for our lives. More on this topic here.

Open Mind for A New Paradigm

Above all, before we dive into a holistic wellness new paradigm, we must first empty our cup. Embrace a flexible mind where we release attachments to our “truths” and open ourselves to explore possibilities.

A new paradigm invites us to think differently and change the references we have of the world to create a new reality from a new consciousness level. What I am about to explain are new references -I called them pillars- that one must experience to create holistic wellness from a whole new perspective.

A new paradigm is not only about understanding but experimenting. Opinions can not equate to an experience. To this end, the invitation is to be flexible enough to test this new paradigm for your holistic wellness.

What is Holistic Wellness?

Before we go into the six pillars, it is essential to grasp the notion of holistic wellness; what will those six columns sustain. Holistic wellness is a STATE OF BEING. Imagine this state like a fertile ground in which you can sow whatever you want to harvest. In the case of holistic wellness, we want to harvest THE BEING. In other words, it is a process in which you sow your Essence/Spirit, and it expresses fully in this life through your human experience -the harvest-. Therefore, there is a direct connection between who you are and who you are experiencing in this physical body.

We reach holistic wellness (state of being) when the soul, heart, mind, and body are aligned and working in unison. In simple words, holistic wellness is when you are COHERENT between what you think, what you feel, and what you do. This state of being is not a final destination but a ground for recurrent cultivation. Like anything you sow, you will need to prepare the soil and plant seeds, feed, and water. Let the process unfold naturally until the harvest is ready then we start the process all over again. In truth, the more you repeat the process, the easiest it gets.

The Six Pillars for Holistic Wellness

Let’s go now to the essence of the matter. As I said at the beginning of the article, we create holistic wellness, only when we work at the energy level. It’s crucial to understand six foundations of existence, which I define as pillars to apply holistic wellness. These pillars are the basic structure of us as humans and our natural evolution.

Here are the essential columns that will sustain a state of holistic wellness. I am going to give here a brief resume of each point since I have written separate articles for each point that explains every pillar in detail. 

P I L L A R 1

Energy is All that Exist

Hands with energy spinning

Quantum physics has already proven that everything that exists is energy at the most fundamental level, the photon. Therefore, the photon represents a quantum of LIGHT as the basic unit of all light. The entire creation in the cosmos is one energy field connected, one organism. This one energy field –Unified Field– is the One Cosmic Consciousness. 

The One Cosmic Consciousness, sometimes called The Source, The Creator, or God encompasses all things in the cosmos. The One Cosmic Consciousness at the purest state has a vibration of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. This Source is from which all things come from and where all things must return. Therefore, The Source or The One Cosmic Consciousness is commonly called “Home.” Read more

The Takeaway

From this pillar, I want you to shift the way we perceive our bodies and our lives. Specifically, there are two main points to retain under this pillar.

Firstly, retain we are ENERGY. Stop seeing our bodies solely as an agglomeration of cells limited to the periphery of what we can see. Move to start viewing ourselves as energetic silhouettes. Our energetic bodies operate under the same laws of energy. It is feeding itself from an infinite Source, in perpetual motion or vibration, and constant expansion. Our energetic bodies manifest its vibrations in different forms, invisible (soul, emotions, thoughts) and visible (physical reality). Furthermore, all vibrations are entangled, and they are not destroyable only transformable. Embrace your Energetic Body.

Secondly, retain we are ONE. We are connected to all the creation in the cosmos through an energetic web. From here comes not only the concept of ONENESS but also the notion of HOLISTIC. No single piece can be improved detached from the whole. The well-being must be built simultaneously at all levels of the being so that it can work in unison. It is like a symphony orchestra; one instrument by itself doesn’t create the symphony. All instruments must sync harmoniously to deliver the symphony.

P I L L A R 2

Energy into Matter

Gold energy filaments into a human face

We now know everything is energy, the only raw material to build. Then the next pillar is to understand the transformation between energy to physical reality.

Quantum physicists state that the material world is variable energy fields or frequencies. The photon -quantum of light- is always in motion through a frequency (pattern of energy waves on/off) and vibration (oscillation).

The photon moves from sound to light to shape. In fact, I simplify it as the Expression Triangle. Imagine an equilateral triangle, where one angle is the frequency (sound), the second angle is energy (vibration), and the third angle is the matter (shape). The triangle reads like this: energy vibrating at a defined frequency expresses matter in a specific configuration. Now, change matter and called it a reality. Essentially the triangle shows us that if I want to change the reality, energy must change its frequency.  Read more

The Takeaway

The fundamental part of this pillar in regards to our wellness is that as energetic beings, we have the innate potential to transform light into matter. In fact, we never stop doing this process. So, chances are we have been unconsciously materializing a bunch of things in our life, without even knowing we did it. Understanding how it works what I called the Expression Triangle and using it consciously becomes the master tool. With this tool, you will create your well-being in your physical body and peace in your life. By all means, this pillar is the most powerful out of the six pillars for holistic wellness.

P I L L A R 3

We are Light and Unconditional Love

Fractal of triangles

Until here, you understand that the whole cosmos (including us) is energy -light-. The light is in constant motion, and it is all connected through an energy web. The One Cosmic Consciousness, also called the Source, the Creator, God, or the Universe is the origin. It is where we come from and where all things must return.

When the One Cosmic Consciousness (LIGHT/LOVE) wants to know itself and everything it contains, it goes through individualization. To individualize, it must use a mirror. A mirror to reflect itself and self-observe from many different angles and perspectives. Then this Source, Creator, or God creates a multitude of reflections of itself to be observed. In short, these reflections are known as FRACTALS. A fractal is a piece of the whole that contains the same character as the whole. We are all fractals from the Source.

In simple words, the One Cosmic Consciousness creates a piece of itself, but each piece receives two gifts: a UNIQUE SPARK of life and the sacredness of free will. This unique configuration is known as Essence/Spirit -YOU-.
The Essence/Spirit contains inside it all the information and character of the One Cosmic Consciousness. (You can replace the word One Cosmic Consciousness with Source, Creator, Universe or God, whatever resonates better for you.) Read more

The Takeaway

The essential message under this pillar about our holistic wellness is our notion of identity. We are not the “tags” we have been defending. Furthermore, we have an infinite potential if we assume the One Cosmic Consciousness’s innate character that lies inside us.

The UNIQUE SPARK of life and free will is individualization. The Essence/Spirit is a fractal of the One Cosmic Consciousness – Light/Love. In short, we are, at the most fundamental level, Light and Love in a UNIQUE SPARK of life. Our uniqueness is the very core of the sacred aspect of our identity. Our energy configuration pattern is unique. You are unique in the entire cosmos and needed EXACTLY like the way your singularity was created. Therefore, this identity should be our true and only identity to share and honour.

If we live our lives and create our reality aligned with this true identity, we will undoubtedly experience a more harmonic life. We regain energy resources by releasing unnecessary fights related to false identity or ideology. Moreover, our inner self and outer self sync their expressions, and it will feel in unison, like the symphony I talked about above.

We are halfway thru the pillars for holistic wellness. You will notice, for the next three, that everything starts to overlap and entangle together in one beautiful human being.

P I L L A R 4

Creators by Nature

Hands carrying earth and a seedling plant

Part of the One Cosmic Consciousness character that we inherit is the power to create, meaning to transform light into matter. Then the unique Essence/Spirit has the consciousness and free will to choose what to materialize; therefore, we are given the tool to create our experiences.
I explain this in a simple process that I have named The Self Diamond. This Diamond is a tool the Essence/Spirit uses to fulfill its expansion needs by using thought, belief, emotion, allowance and willpower to transform frequency to energy into shape.

In simple words, we have the same power of CREATION that the One Cosmic Consciousness has. We are creatures and creators by nature. Read more

The Takeaway

The most important point to retain from this pillar is that we have the full potential to CREATE our holistic wellness. This pillar shifts our perception from victims to creators. From this moment on, it becomes useless to complain, justify, or even defend any situation that is not working concerning our wellness. In our hands, we have the full potential to change it at will in the way we want it.

This pillar is an injection of empowerment and responsibility to embrace who we are and honor our origin, The One Cosmic Consciousness.

P I L L A R 5

Spiritual Beings living a Human Experience

Close-up of human eye in black and white with the pupil in color blue reflecting a soul

In this pillar, I will integrate all of the above and connect it to the physical world you perceive today as your life.

As Essence/Spirit detached from the whole, it navigates the cosmos to know itself, in the same way, the One Cosmic Consciousness did in the first place. As Essence/Spirit, we have the free will to create our reflections too out of choice. One of the possible choices in the cosmos is to embody or incarnate a Human living in a third dimension. To explore what it is to live as part of the Human Race. As a result, we create a soul and incarnate in a human body that lands on a planet called Earth.

With a human body and our feet on the planet, we start our self-discovery process.

This process I have called The Self-Actualization Process using the infinity symbol. It starts with a CHOICE that defines the frequency. Out of choice, it EXPRESSES into the shape in the material world which we experience. Our EXPERIENCE teaches us something or shows us something about ourselves. From the learning, we INTEGRATE into our Essence/Spirit, the teaching that has been revealed from ourselves. Finally, we let go of the experience and TRANSCEND to a new level of consciousness. The cycle starts again with a new choice. The term we are spiritual beings living a human experience now makes sense. Read more

The Takeaway

This pillar is about observing our lives only as an experience and not as who we are. It is time to de-dramatize what we have been living in our lives as punishments, obligations, or impositions. Instead, detach from what we perceived as a solid reality and embrace the creator living a human experience. A creator who can, if it wills, take command of the creation process and choose differently. It is an exercise of sovereignty over ourselves and our lives. The justification “I don’t have an option” is no longer relevant; thus, the creator always has an option, if it wants.

Clearly, for Essence/Spirit to know itself, it must have had multiple experiences not only as humans but as many other races or entities in the cosmos. To that end, attaching to one life is not only useless for self-discovery, but it blocks the natural process of evolution.

A spiritual being living a human experience or any other race or entity experience might repeat several times. It intends to know itself from different perspectives, just as the One Cosmic Consciousness started in the first place. In the end, the Essence/Spirit will have INTEGRATED and TRANSCEND all the knowledge and awareness, achieving infinite consciousness. When this happens, it permeates all life and existence, returning or merging with The One Cosmic Conciseness -Source, Creator, God-. This union is commonly known with the expression: “Going back Home.”

P I L L A R 6

The Temple of
The Self

Human silhouette in meditation position with color lights for every chakra and light and bright energy around the silhouette

This sixth pillar is where everything ties up in the majestic HUMAN BEING. Along the body vertically, it is developed by polarity (positive/negative) a central energy helix that extends beyond the limits of the body connecting it to the cosmos and the center of the earth. The central energy helix contains energy centers.

This energy helix has twelve energy centers. Seven inside the body tied to glandular systems. Five outside the body. Each energy center has its frequency, its message and its chemical signature. In a way, each center has its consciousness.

Through these centers, the Essence/Spirit will source energy from the One Cosmic Consciousness and access different dimensions of the Being to experience through its human experience. Energy is information. Therefore, when we receive energy from the One Cosmic Consciousness, we are consulting our reference library for guidance and clarification. Remember that the Essence/Spirit is on a journey of self-discovery and self-actualization. It could very easily get lost or trapped in the human experience.

Each energy center is a gate for a different dimension to play within this human experience. So, as a human, you are, by nature, a multidimensional being; As well as multi-vibrational due to our power as creators. We receive a body to play in the third dimension (space-time), a mind to play with thought and emotions, and a heart to transmute. The soul and the ego drive the connectivity between all the systems. As you see by now, the Human is a very complex structure.

The Soul’s Temple

In fact, the literature of the Law of One [1] called the Human a “mind/body/spirit complex”. In these pillars for holistic wellness, I called it the TEMPLE OF THE SELF.

The Temple of the Self represents the most sacred space where all the love, the wisdom, the information, and the power dwell for you to live your life. It is in this temple where you can take command of your life.

Living in integrity (coherence) with your Temple of the Self or not will determine your behaviour as an individual. The inner world would then project in the outer world. Your behaviour as an individual will determine your behaviour as a collective being. Our society is directly connected to the way you conduct your life every day. Read more

The Takeaway

This pillar is the most important of all, encompassing all the six pillars to create holistic wellness. It is where all the pieces work together in unison, like the orchestra I was referencing at the beginning. The Temple of the Self is where human life’s equilibrium resides since it is your source of ENERGY. We must track, measure, and balanced this source to deliver the harmonious symphony of your life. The most rewarding work you could ever do is working in the balance of your Temple of the Self, for you, and the collective society of the human race.

In Conclusion

Holistic wellness is not just about healthy nutrition, exercise, and meditation; it goes beyond that at the level of our energy patterns. That’s the reason why following someone else’s routine or path to wellness doesn’t work for everyone.

The six pillars for holistic wellness a new paradigm is about understanding your uniqueness regarding balancing all aspects of yourself in unison. Your Essence / Spirit has lived many human experiences, accumulated many learnings that you have integrated and transcended, you have chosen a lineage to deal with as part of the experience and incarnated in a human body with a specific agenda for this life. All these aspects, among some others, are part of YOUR UNIQUE ENERGY PATTERN.

One of the biggest pitfalls in the pursuit of happiness is trying to “be” like another person because it attacks your identity’s most sacred part: your uniqueness. This desire is where most of the dysfunction begins. If you live up to your uniqueness, any comparison or competition is useless; furthermore, any desire to follow a “template of perfection” is illogical; it contravenes the very principle of uniqueness. Instead, adopting a sense of pride and respect for the grace you embodied is helpful, as well as respecting the grace of others.

Unlocking Your Power

Through the Temple of the Self is where you access your unique energy pattern. This space is intimate, sacred, and only you can access it. Hence, you must take full responsibility to take care of it. This privacy is the reason why giving the power to someone else doesn’t work either.

In their intimate connection with the Temple of the Self, each person receives precise guidance on what is needed, in what order and speed to create balance and recover a state of homeostasis. In other words, the path to holistic wellness is unique for each individual since it goes in hand with their unique energy pattern. It might start with nutrition for some people, but others will begin sleeping or praying or decluttering, etc.

The new paradigm is not about techniques but is about GIVING YOUR POWER BACK. Returning what it was yours all along, this inner power can connect your life with the Temple of the Self (inner connection) and all fractals among the cosmos and the One Cosmic Consciousness.

The paradigm invites you to be a creator rather than a victim, taking command of your human experience and responsibility for your experiences. It invites you to live in unification through the energy grid that unites us all and grow your self-love, respecting your uniqueness. It is an invitation to transform survival for excitement and create coherence with all the aspects of your life just by using YOUR ENERGY.

Next Steps

We have seen the six pillars for holistic wellness through a new paradigm. What they are, why are they important, and how they define our experience in this life. We can make our lives either harmonious and fun or stressful and painful; it is absolutely up to you to choose. I lived half of my life on the stressful/painful side and decided to change it to another side. It is, by far, the most assertive decision I have ever made. Anyone can and have everything it takes to move to the side of harmony, peace, and fun. You only need your inner power and energy to achieve this fast and naturally.

Now that you know the six pillars for holistic wellness a new paradigm, and feel ready to take your life in charge, establish equilibrium, and create your holistic wellness go to the next step.

Start your path, let’s work together, check out the possibilities waiting for you: START YOUR PATH TODAY

The basis of life is freedom and the result of life is expansion but the purpose of your life is joy.

“Abraham” by Esther Hicks

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