The Temple of The Self

Aug 4, 2020 | Foundational Posts

Title Temple of self with human silhouette in meditation position with color lights for every chakra and light and bright energy around the silhouette


In the fifth foundational pillar article, Spiritual Beings Living a Human Experience, we tuned with a different perspective about us and our physical life here on Earth, and learn the process of Self-Actualization. This sixth pillar – the temple of the self- is where everything it’s ensembled together. All the pillars become one system. It is here where Holistic Wellness takes shape.

We have seen in the past five articles, five foundational pillars out of six. If you want to check a quick resume of the six pillars, you can do so here –The six pillars to live from the soul -. If you feel a little bit lost as you are reading this article, it might be a good idea to start from pillar one Energy is all that Exist. There are all written in continuity.

Human silhouette in meditation position with color lights for every chakra and light and bright energy around the silhouette

The Temple of The Self

The Temple of the Self is essentially the mind/body/spirit complex. It is a unique, powerful symphony orchestra. It encompasses all the pillars I have explained before in one majestic and energetic structure -THE HUMAN BEING.
Each of us is a Temple of our divine SELF.

Let’s contemplate the full structure of the Temple of the Self for a moment:

An Essence/Spirit with a unique spark of life and free will -Self- has fractalized from the One Cosmic Consciousness in a journey of self-discovery.

This energetic entity chooses to live a Human Experience in a third dimension. The Essence/Spirit prepares its voyage with detail, carefully selecting that which is the soul, DNA memory, Akashic records, lineage and companions, lessons to be learned and attributes to be discovered. It has chosen the original pair of cells and the womb gate to enter the Earth. It chooses an exact cosmic moment to cross the wind of birth.

With the human body, a series of energetic bodies escort the human complex. Along the body’s spinal cord, positive vibration pulling up towards the cosmos and negative vibration pulling down towards the center of planet Earth, creates an energy spiral. This energy spiral and its energy centers will be the CONNECTION HELIX between the Essence/Spirit and the human complex. The Self will access the central library of information from Essence/Spirit and sourced itself with vital energy for its human vessel through this channel.

Energy Centers

In the middle of the connection helix, the energy center Heart awakens. Through the force of polarity, a positive force pulls upwards towards the light. It is searching for information from the One Cosmic Consciousness, willing to find its purpose and truths. An opposite negative force pulls downwards, willing to enroot its existence to the planet.
In the heart lies THE SELF DIAMOND through which Self will create the various realities to experience, self-actualize, and transcend back to the Source.

Twelve energy centers are created for the human to connect to its various dimensions of its Essence/Spirit. Seven energy centers within the body tied up to glandular systems. Five outside the body tied to the astral planes. Each center has its consciousness and vibrational frequency that opens a dimension to an aspect of Self to be discovered through THE SELF-ACTUALIZATION PROCESS. This energetic structure makes the human a multidimensional and multi-vibrational being.

Finally, the Self gets equipped with a flesh body to live the experience in the matter (third dimension), a mind to express thoughts and a heart to express emotions—a Soul and an Ego to drive the human experience.

The Core

The Temple is the core of the Spiritual Being incarnated living a human experience, like you and me.

I want to emphasize the importance of The Temple of the Self. It represents the most sacred space where all the love, wisdom, information, and power dwell for you to live your life. This temple is the command center with all the answers and from which all directions of life are given. It is where your reality is conceived.

Either you live a life in INTEGRITY with your Temple of the Self or not. This coherence will dictate the level of health, happiness, and inner peace in your life. It is in the Temple of the Self, where you can achieve lasting transformation and create your holistic wellness.

Holistic Wellness

Through the six pillars for holistic wellness, a new paradigm, we have given a perspective to some of the most existentialistic questions: who are we? Where we come from? And why are we here for?

If, in essence, life is a game of self-discovery and free will, why is it not always fun?

Well, dear ones, as creators, we have created our heaven or hell on Earth. The entire command of our lives is, has been, and will always be a response to our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Whether we are conscious of it or not. We choose to drive the car, either with the eyes closed or open. It depends entirely on each person. Consequently, your thoughts, beliefs and emotions create enjoyable or tortuous results.

How can we live and feel well-being -enjoy a happy and peaceful life at all levels? The answer is HOLISTIC WELLNESS through a new paradigm.

Holistic wellness is a cultivated state of being, it requires self-management. It is a series of perspectives and a collection of strategies that will support your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions to create what you want to experience. This state of being is a fertile ground where you sow your Essence/Spirit to express it fully through your human experience—releasing to the world a WHOLE-SELF in a coherent way. Soul, heart, mind, body, thoughts, words and actions are working in unison.

What can I do to create holistic wellness?

Work on recovering your balance and coherence.

To create this state of being, you will need first to connect consciously and intimately with your Temple within; connect to your Essence/Spirit and your uniqueness, your-SELF.

Second, work continuously in keeping the flow of vital energy moving and nurturing the connection helix pipeline of your body. In other words, it means your energy centers must be unblocked, allowing vital energy to move freely through all of them.

Last but not least, open your heart center through which you will filter all your human experience.

There is only one goal for the Temple of the Self: help you live in integrity between your Essence/Spirit and your life on Earth. Then you will be coherent between what you think, feel, say, and do with the aim of self-actualization and transcendence.

Well-being is the basis of this wonderful universe. You may allow or you may resist well-being but everything that happens to you is your doing.

“Abraham” by Esther Hicks.

The Collective Being

The Temple of the Self helps express the Individual Being. Everything starts with the individual, but it does not end in the individual. The Individual Being relates to others as part of the human experience. Relationships are essential since the human race lives collectively. Therefore, an echo of the Individual Being projects itself into society as the COLLECTIVE BEING. Society is the sum of its Collective Beings.

Sick, hatred, stressful, manipulative beings will project equally to society resulting in an unhealthy, hatred, stressful, manipulative society.

Often people want to change the world they live in attempting to change the other or the system. Blaming and requesting a change in the outside is useless. It is like sowing an apple tree, and once the apples are ready to harvest, getting mad at the tree and demanding it to take back its apples and deliver peaches. The problem was not the result; it was the seed.

One of the fundamental shifts in perception that needs to occur to create a better world is to work on the seed. Change the seed, and the results will change. The seed is the Individual Being (Temple of the Self). When the Individual Being works on itself to get in integrity with its Essence/Spirit; Therefore, the Collective Being will echo integrity in society.

Although each individual has its unique learning path, a being in integrity with itself will undoubtedly express some golden characteristics that will permeate to the Collective Being. Those characteristics are respect, honesty, kindness, and service. Therefore, society will carry the same traits.

We all deserve a better world—a loving and peaceful world. Undeniably the work has to start on each of us, connecting to our Essence. Aligning in integrity and coherence with who we are for ourselves, our children, and our world.

Balance for Coherence

How to achieve integrity with myself? It is a question of BALANCE.

Every system tends to re-balance naturally to find its equilibrium. For us, it will be the same thing. Since the building blocks of everything in the universe are energy, it is with those building blocks that we recover balance. In other words, we must take complete control of our energy resources as well as establish a connection with our Temple of the Self.

Energy blockages in your connection helix will affect your wellness. The connection with the Temple of the Self will allow you to identify those blockages and release them so that the flow of vital energy keeps running through your physical and energetic bodies. A healthy energy flow will enable opening your heart center to heal yourself, uplift your mind and actions with meaning and purpose, to create your happiness finally.

Connection with the Temple of the Self is the most rewarding process you could ever undertake to your evolution and society. Today, more than ever, as humans evolve in consciousness and our current world changes its structures and systems, it is imperative to take care of you and your health.

If you are ready and feel the call to take the next step into creating a soul-driven life, start your path with a mentor, check out the possibilities waiting for you: Start Your Path.

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