The Year 2020 Brought us a Gift…Did You Received It?

Nov 6, 2020 | Inspirational Posts

The words, year 2020, with one zero as the planet earth and the second zero holding a gift.

The year 2020 turned out to be the first time in my lifetime that I witness a transformation of those proportions. A massive awakening was unfolding right in front of my eyes.

Like many of you at the beginning of this year, when all this transformation started, I complained when things would go back to “normal”…

I passed the beginning of it in the circumstance’s superficiality. Narrow-minded to a situation, I could not see the profoundness of the transformation, even less the unexpected GIFT.

Before I could call it TRANSFORMATION, it was a crisis; An ugly, messy, misleading, manipulative crisis. Until I used the unexpected GIFT to take altitude, see the big picture and do what I was called to do during this time.


For the longest time, we have been moving into a world in which productivity was appraised. How many things can you get done in a year, a month, an hour? Our “objectives” pursue us as a measuring stick of our time. In many cases, sleep, rest, exercise, soul connection or leisure didn’t even make it to the “To-Do List.”

The so-called “holidays” in calendars didn’t have anything of “holy” and much less a stimulation to recover, re-connect or introspect. These days -invented by humans- became a tight sprint of another “To-Do List” -buying, preparing, driving, and following rituals… returning to work the next Monday more tired and more in debt.

Even rest has been scheduled in this world of productivity; Miniaturizing rest to fifteen days, so-called “vacations.” That bracket of time should suffice to recover, re-connect and return like new. Energetic to tackle the never-ending objectives list. My “vacations” often were hectically busy -another sprint of To-Do’s- rarely I returned energized; instead, I returned tired and even more in debt; Furthermore, disconnected from my soul.

I have been running this wheel for as long as I can remember, and probably you too.

It turns out that this abrupt stop was needed and the mist of a completely new era, but we are so tired, depleted from our vital energy, and wired to fear, to survival that we can’t see it. We needed a push to ramp into the awakening of the new era. Here is where the year 2020 reveal an unexpected gift…


Hand putting a coin that has a clock into the piggy bank

In an unprecedented magnitude, the WORLD has forcibly STOP and cut right through the spinning wheel of productivity simultaneously in every corner of the globe.

For the first time in many years, every single human on earth has been granted THE GIFT OF TIME.

Yes, that scarce resource that slides between our fingers day in and day out, never to be enough for us.

In the year 2020, you have been granted TIME FOR YOU.


Something has to happen when the whole world is forced to stop. Something happens when YOU HAVE TO STOP and ponder your life.

What happens when you can’t go outside? I am sure there was always someplace you “needed” to go. Now, by force, you’re wondering if that “need” was really a need?

What occurs when families are forced to be together 24/7? Before the year 2020, it was unlikely; everyone was too busy to BE together. The famous “holidays” or birthdays were enough to be with the family, but suddenly you are forced to coexists with your family day in day out—no way to get busy or run outside.  Consequently, to contemplate what you have created as a family? What energy builds up at the core of it?

Now, what takes place when the excuse of “having work to do” is not usable anymore? What arises when your mind can’t be distracted by work? What if you stop working makes you wonder if that is how you want to spend your precious time? How much have you tolerated in non-fulfilling jobs in the name of survival?

What happens to relationships where there is no excuse to run outside and postpone the talk because your busy? Living 24/7 in the company of a partner that you have chosen as your loved one makes you rethink if it is love or hate that ignites? What occurs to relationships that are on edge, pretending in the name of family or appearances when there is no way to run or get busy?

Specially, what emerges when you have to stare at the mirror of what your life has become 24/7?

Even further, what happens to humanity when everything stops and is forced to see what its systems have become?


Caught in the wheel of productivity, we could not have seen or awakened to what we have awakened in this year 2020.


I don’t know about you but me, at the beginning I resisted it, fight it and complained about it until I accepted the gift.

As I embrace the TIME for me, no objectives, no To-Do Lists, no shopping, no moving around, no news. I was dedicating all the time to sleep, rest, exercise, read, dance, paint, recover, and even reconnect to my soul. Slowly but steady, the days became ME-TIME. For the first time in my adult life, I have time, only to THINK. Introspect in what have I done with my lifetime and if this is what I truly wanted. How do I want to live my life? Has it been worth it to spend my time the way I have? Was I truthful to myself? What am I willing to do differently for my happiness and peace? What do I seek? I ponder about my family, my partner, my work and myself.

After a period of ME-TIME, my body, mind, and soul start to feel the benefits of BEING instead of DOING. I was awakening to my truth, my contradictions and dysfunctions. I was able to see my incoherence. The gift of time -me-time- allows me to acknowledge what was not working in my life and reach clarity to create things differently. I have started to heal, feel my soul again and recover my inner power allowing me to make decisions in my soul’s service. 

Also, as I correct course to what I want in my life, a state of joy kicks in. My vibratory frequency is different, and I was able to take altitude, opening my eyes to a new perspective of what I was witnessing.


It is in this new perspective that crisis became TRANSFORMATION.

The contradiction and dysfunction were not only in me but in humanity. My life was the mirror of the society I grew. The ME-TIME was not only to observe my life but my society. What system have we created? Are there to bring us purpose, joy, abundance or rather keep us in survival, fear, scarcity?

The handling of a particular global situation shows how humanity, even though connected electronically, is entirely disconnected from the soul, each other and fundamental values. Misalignment, double standards, double morale, deception, manipulation show the dysfunction of humanity.

That was also a GIFT to observe and ponder.

How much can we keep tearing things apart and not noticing the dysfunction?

The mirror is showing us the incoherence and dysfunctionality of ALL our systems. Systems created in a state of consciousness based on power over the other (give the power away), ego-driven, abuse and survival. These systems are based on separation, fear, manipulation and deception.

In a similar fashion, as I did a review, healing and choosing differently, we have to do the same with our civilization. This breakpoint represents the END OF AN ERA and the end of a particular state of consciousness that drives civilization to this state, here today.


This TIME is time for transformation, healing and cleansing. We have entered a New Light Era that will require us to raise our consciousness and tune into a totally different frequency. A frequency of LOVE, UNITY, and TRUTHFULNESS.

This TIME IS FOR YOU. It is a gift so you can do the big task of soul healing, introspection, questioning, releasing and re-definition of all you have known.  It is the time to release the old era’s behavioural patterns (power over the other, ego-driven, abuse, deceit and survival behaviours.) None of those behavioural patterns of the old era will have a place in the New Light Era. Releasing and healing are critical and must happen NOW. It is time to transform, become true to our Essence and reconnect to our Soul.

This TIME is a time for Humanity’s Soul Healing. Consequently, every human on earth is called to choose and do its inner-transformation to tune itself into the New Light Era’s vibration.

We have to re-define the foundations of our entire existence since the current ones will no longer exist in the vibration of the New Light Era.

The year 2020 has shown us enough for us to want a different world. The gift of the year 2020 is the massive awakening to our world’s incoherence and dysfunction and the possibility of doing things differently. It is an awakening to compassion, kindness, and truthfulness, empowering us with this vibration to find ways of putting new systems together.

Humanity will move into a cycle of solutions, but there is a lot of cleaning to do before there is any change. Humanity is the addition of its individuals. The cycle of solutions starts individually by cleaning and healing one’s mind, body and soul.

The first round of solutions must be implemented in your life, family, relationship, and work.


To be able to accomplish this gigantic task of Soul Healing, we NEED ME-TIME… THE GIFT.

The gift of the year 2020 is about resting from the hamster wheel, recovering vitality, spending time with whom you have become, catching your breath to “see” yourself and the reality we have created and think about what do you really want, moving forward.

The New Light Era is about honesty, therefore so we are called to release the masks and face the world with our sincere self without judgment but with love and acceptance.

If you choose to accept your gift and walk the path of inner transformation, it is fundamental to take care of yourself.

Mentally and even physically, it is a very demanding process. You spend a substantial amount of energy that you must recover. Therefore, care, exercise, and nurture are essential to sustain your mind’s transformation process and your bodies.

Lots of sleep, meditation, introspection, healthy meals, hydration, exercise, laughter and pleasure should be now at the top of the list. Although silence is a must for this transformation, it is challenging to achieve it in this world. Nonetheless, filter with severity any content you see, hear or talk about that is not useful with your inner-transformation. The filter also includes people, which dialogue is not helping to your vision of inner-transformation. 

Now more than ever, working on your well-being (recovering balance, vital energy, inner peace) helps you heal and connect to your Essence/Soul.

Here are three steps to start right away:

  1. Reduce anxiety: it is often related to the aspect of us being in control, therefore losing control, spikes in anxiety. The necessity of control is programmed in our unconscious through meta-programs. Identify your meta-programs related to control and releasing them to reduce anxiety. There are simple techniques to do this using your own power.
  2. Create a vision: a car without direction spends fuel and arrives nowhere. Even for your well-being and soul healing process, a vision is a must. Define with clarity your vision for your recovery. Be aware that the New Light Era is about soul healing make sure you set-up yourself for a soul-driven vision instead of a mind-driven vision. With a few set of good questions, you will be able to find out.
  3. Energy management: energy is your most precious resource. Where your focus is, is where you are spending most of your energy. Introspect on where you are spending your vital energy and if those actions contribute to reaching your vision. Start with your current thoughts and follow the path, you will find surprises on where your energy really goes.

Don’t know how to do it and need help?

I offer you a private consultation to guide you with simple, practical strategies to support your healing and balancing process to well-being. Click here to book a free 30min consultation.

Good transformation!

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