We are Light and Unconditional Love

Jul 31, 2020 | Foundational Posts

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In the second pillar article Energy to Matter, we understood how energy becomes something in the physical world. In this third pillar -we are light and unconditional love- we will purify our self-perception, declutter our mind of what is not useful. Remember that the ultimate purpose of building holistic wellness is to create a state of well-being.

One Cosmic Consciousness

By now, it is clear that energy is the building block of the universe. Let’s bring back the origin where all things come from and where all things must return: The One Cosmic Consciousness. Also called the Source, the Universe, the Creator, or God. This consciousness is essentially a photon of LIGHT vibrating at the frequency of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

This understanding alone unquestionably pierces every notion about our origin attributed to dogmas, fables, or stories created by the human mind. Although understandably, a civilization tries to explain its origin from the perspective of its physical existence, it has been proven useless the endless discussion and polarization between religions and science concerning our evolution.


When it comes to defining Spirit, we find another polarization again; On one hand, dogmas define the human as a separate entity from the Spirit or God. This idea makes humans find ways outside of themselves in an attempt to communicate to Spirit. Often through a “powerful” intermediary to relegate to its power. This separation brings conditioning and limitations in the communication human-soul. On the other hand, new age spiritual studies define the Spirit and the human as one entity -one inside the other- explaining that we don’t remember it.

Why don’t we remember? It is attributed to the “veil of forgetting” that we have. Why do we have a veil, who put it on us, when this happened, and many other questions can become a rabbit hole when you drill down. To avoid analysis/paralysis, I will leave this idea here for now. I will connect it in pillar number five for holistic wellness Spiritual Beings living a Human Experience.

To understand Essence/Spirit, we must go back to the One Cosmic Consciousness that wants to know itself and everything it contains. To do so, it needs to live a process of individualization. Consequently, it has to use a mirror to observe itself from all the different angles and possibilities. Then this Source, Creator, or God creates a multitude of reflections of itself to be observed. These reflections are known as FRACTALS.

Fractal of triangles

A fractal is a piece of the whole that contains the same character as the whole. 

Uniqueness and Free Will

In simple words, the One Cosmic Consciousness creates a part of itself with all the information, knowledge, power, and grace as itself. Moreover, the One Cosmic Consciousness wants to know a specific angle or possibility, to fulfill its desire of individualization, then a UNIQUE SPARK of life will texture the fractal and receive the sacred gift of free will. The unique spark of life is known as ESSENCE/SPIRIT or SELF or Higher Self or Innate. A new individual with free will has been born from the One Cosmic Consciousness.

We are all fractals from the One Cosmic Consciousness -light and unconditional love. Despite the same origin, we have a UNIQUE ENERGY PATTERN. That is what I called a singularity.

Our uniqueness is the very core of the sacred aspect of our identity. Your energy configuration pattern is unique and that is your GRACE to honour and respect.

YOU, the one reading this article, is a unique creation in all the entire cosmos.
How cool is that!

In short, this is our Essence/Spirit:

The One Cosmic Consciousness -light/love- creates a piece of itself with a unique spark of life and free will -Essence/Spirit- containing inside all the information and character of the One Cosmic Consciousness.

(You can replace the word One Cosmic Consciousness with Source, Universe, Higher Intelligence, Creator or God, whatever resonates better for you.)


We are Light and Unconditional Love

The foundational information of this pillar is about our identity. I believe that this point alone has created most of today’s struggle to live in a state of peace and well-being. Everything begins with your perceptions and beliefs of yourself as an individual, and consequently, it defines your interaction as an individual with society, the planet and the cosmos.

If your definition of who you are is based on what I called “tags,” you are clouding your clarity to interact with the world. Tags go all the way from names, titles, races, physical characteristics, languages, countries, religious and political ideologies, cultural customs, levels of awareness, spiritual connection, etc. Most of those tags are imposed at birth in a pure baby/child mind. Others are developed as we grow as a means to give us power and recognition. As an adult will then fight, promote, and defend those tags as “truths.”

This tagging system affects everyone, both the people separated from spiritual studies, and the people immersed in spiritual education. I saw individuals fighting that one language is better than another, as individuals arguing being a Sirius’s descendant makes them superior to Earth’s descendants. The tags might be different, but generates the same effect of separation. Therefore, diminishing the person and disempowering the other.


Recovering purity of mind means getting rid of all the tags. Simplifying our perception of identity is one crucial step to create wellness. We must embrace the grace of our uniqueness and our primordial frequency (light and love) as an identity that lives experiences. We are not the experiences. To do so, I genuinely believe that our language must change. We overused the words: I AM distorting our perception of self (self-esteem).

We often say “I AM” referencing to the experiences and not the real Essence/Spirit.
Example: I AM Mery, I AM a lawyer, I AM a queen, I AM the CEO, I AM British, I AM Islamic, I AM Latino, I AM married, I AM angry, I AM a loser, etc. 

The amount of energy you spend defending, promoting, protecting, or justifying these “I AMs” is gigantic, instead of using it to heal the body or uplift the mind. Remember that your most precious possession, if you will, is ENERGY and TIME. This defending/protecting state also leaves a deep crack on self-seem because false “I AMs” are not fundamentally accurate. They are merely experiences that change over time and eventually disappear despite your effort to defend them, leaving behind the sensation of losing your “identity”. Our pushing-pulling game over these tags will inevitably leave frustration, sorrow, anger, and many other low vibration emotions. This density could very rapidly crystalize, having devastating effects on your physical body.

New Paradigm Invitation

My invitation is to shift the way we express ourselves radically, differentiating the experiences from who we are. My invitation is always to say I AM A UNIQUE SPARK OF LIGHT & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, or I AM A UNIQUE ESSENCE/SPIRIT. Then, we can share the experiences we have had. For instance: I had experienced marriage. I had the opportunity to experience parenting. I am experiencing entrepreneurship or something along those lines. When we differentiate the identity from the experiences, automatically, we reduce attachment and allow fluidity. The experiences might change, but our uniqueness prevails.

Let’s all humans unite in one simple, indivisible identity: we are light and unconditional love, just as the One Cosmic Consciousness, where we come from.

Let’s move on to the fourth foundation pillar for holistic wellness a new paradigm: Creators by Nature.

** Thanks to Pixabay & its contributors for the images.

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