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A new light era has emerged,

and humans are called to upgrade.

You are called to pass the frontier of matter as you know it, and dive into the energy world.

Civilization’s evolution keeps moving forward. As a result, your next step is to understand and embrace your nature as Energy Beings. It is time to tap into your inner power and unleash your full potential as a human. Grab a futuristic peek at The New Holistic Human during this conference.


You are aware of the unprecedented times we are living in and the global wave of transformation happening. This time is affecting profoundly not only the outer world but YOUR INNER WORLD TOO.

If you feel overwhelmed by the transformation, perhaps frustrated, or physically, mentally and emotionally drained by it; If you have difficulty navigating these times of evolution, this conference is for you.

By the end of the conference, you will have a higher perspective of the changes in consciousness you are experiencing, their purpose for you, and a clear outcome at the end of these transformational times. As a result, you will bring calmness to your heart and a proactive and compassionate approach to yourself and others as you move through the changes.


The online conference is a one-hour and a half.

It unfolds in four segments: first, the evolutionary step humanity is living, moving into a new state of consciousness. Learn the defining lines of this new state of consciousness and how it is affecting you directly.

Second, the shift on five main behavioural characteristics compared, before and after the new era, and how they have limited your life up to date.

Third, actionable steps so you can start moving proactively and compassionately during these inevitable transformational times.

Fourth, the space is open for questions and answers.

Here’s how this conference can help you:

  • Understand the nature of your discomfort during these transformational times and how it is related to overwhelming frustration and lack of vital energy.
  • Enhance your perspective of this transformation wave so that you shift your sense of powerlessness to empowerment and compassion.
  • Get clear in the importance of the choices you make in regards to the transformation wave.
  • Know exactly what to do during the transformation wave and how to navigate it more manageably.

Altogether, after the conference The New Holistic Human, you will have a refreshing view of these unprecedented times. You will feel optimistic and empowered to take your well-being into your own hands. Use the opportunity of these evolving times to upgrade into a new version of yourself.


This is a 90-minute virtual conference. If you are ready to nurture your community with this valuable, positive perspective and support it during these transformational times, book a complimentary information call to find out how we make it happen.

* Available in English, French, and Spanish

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