How To Have Coherence And Sanity In Times Of Chaos

Sep 5, 2022 | Practical Posts

How to have coherence and sanity in times of chaos - Carolina Vasquez

We would agree that the last few years have been a roller coaster. Swing after swing, we have been faced with some extreme human perspectives. Whatever we consider “normal” is out the window, and every day is a new fire to tackle. 

The last years have put our sanity to the test, shaken our knowledge and beliefs about pretty much everything, and forced us to stop. I have a motto in life that says “Everything that happens has a purpose,” and after being in the consciousness and personal growth arena for years now, I’ve learned to see beyond the event itself and focus on the purpose and the lesson. With this article, it is my intention to invite you, conscious reader, to do the same.


We, as a human civilization, are passing through a transition time. We have completed an era of time with a certain state of consciousness, and a new scale (or octave) of consciousness is at our door. The Earth—Gaia— began this shift in consciousness when we crossed the marker in the year 2012. 

It is now our time as a civilization to evolve into the new octave of consciousness, which is the purpose. It is not a small shift we are faced with. It is like playing music on a whole different music scale. 

We are called to change the core paradigm through which all our systems and ways of life have been built in the last centuries. It is a monumental change that requires a paradigm shift moving from power over the other to inner power. Changes like this happen in cycles of thousands of years, and our current time happens to be one of those turning points on that consciousness spiral into that new octave of consciousness.

To have a paradigm shift, chaos is necessary.

Chaos is the process that generates space, motive, and the conditions to stop the autopilot, question everything, redefine what we want, and ultimately change the paradigm.

The paradigm shift is about changing our ways of operating from power over the other to inner power. To do so, four energy streams will dominate the transition: Truthfulness, Sovereignty, Love, and Unity.


We Started With Truthfulness

During the last two to three chaotic years, we have seen evidence of the dissonant knowledge and information among us. And we awoke to the absolute absence of truthfulness within ALL the systems (government, regulatory agencies, science, communication, health, education, etc.). With sadness and disappointment, we have seen the systems we once believed in, supported and defended for centuries,  fall apart to the point that WE—the people—are standing in total distrust towards pretty much everything!

Now we know and have accepted the need to rebuild ALL our systems from a truthful standpoint to match this new scale of consciousness.

The belief perhaps was that the systems would restructure by themselves…. Nope!

Here is the next part of the transition process.

Now It Is Sovereignty’s Turn In Full Blast

It started back in 2009 with the appearance of cryptocurrency as an announcement of the winds of the shift in consciousness: a “rebellious” symbol of freedom and sovereignty over one’s money and wealth. Although few people took this seriously back then, it was the beginning of the whole sovereignty movement of this new era.

During these last three years, the concept of sovereignty has scaled up from money to a whole new level. We are now claiming sovereignty of our minds, bodies, and privacy; the sovereignty of our children’s education, health and privacy; sovereignty over our food, water and land; the sovereignty of our work as creators, artists and musicians; the sovereignty of our time and attention, and so much more.

As the old systems (power over the other paradigm) tighten control and manipulation, new systems respond to people’s plea for sovereignty, privacy and security: new independent news outlets emerged,  social media platforms that allow free speech without surveillance, NFTs for creators and artists, and many more.

The change in Apple’s systems to preserve privacy plus the termination of Apple’s feeding their third-party data to Facebook in their last iOS actualization was an important disruptive move. Although perhaps their motivation was capitalizing on a market that craves privacy, the opportunistic move created an important ripple effect on the sovereignty movement.

The evidence is clear. When approximately more than 85% of Apple users worldwide opt-OUT of being tracked, observed or sharing their online movements, this is substantial proof that sovereignty is rising in the spirit of each individual. All this leads to the crash of the market of spying on you to push you “personalized” ads and the crash of many other markets. 

To rebuild, we need to tear down and to tear down, we need chaos.

As you can see, the sovereignty movement is well on its way, and not without a few revolutions to sort out (like people’s land, abortion, and other topics). The movement will not stop until we achieve FULL SOVEREIGNTY over our lives. 


Well, dear one, although it does feel like a roller coaster, the good news is that WE—the people—are evolving. What we are living is a transitory movement from processes that kept us doing things we didn’t want to do, or living things we didn’t want to live, into processes that will respect our sovereignty and freedom, that are truthful, secure, benevolent, loving, and that unite us all.

It is not a utopia but a potentiality for us to create the world we want to live in and leave behind for our children. The four energy streams are already vibrating on planet Earth—Gaia—and the new consciousness is already within us and our hearts, and we are feeling it. All the ingredients are set for us to take PROACTIVE ACTION.

The good news is that for the first time in centuries, we have, collectively, an immeasurable power to turn our world into what we deserve and desire. We are collectively on the same page of the book in the grand scheme of things. Collectively, we want peace, health, truth, freedom, safety, wealth, abundance, respect, kindness, and love.

The invitation is to shift the perspective of what’s happening today from “Oh! We are doomed!” to “Oh! This is my chance to speak my truth.”


The best way to keep your sanity is to take coherent, proactive action. The “lie down because someone else will do it for me” days are over. We are now called to be involved, active, vigilant and strong. 

The invitation to take action IS NOT TO FIGHT AGAINST THE WORLD.

The equation of sanity is the following:

Sanity = clarity + coherence + action

How to get Clarity

Your responsibility is TO GET CRYSTAL CLEAR about your personal values, what you stand for, and what you want for yourself and your family.

– It is NOT what the government says your values should be.
– It is NOT what your work, community, or family expects you to stand for.
– It is NOT what the media and news tell you is good for you and for your own benefit.

You must call upon your heart, intuition, and critical thinking. Because it is about YOUR TRUTH. Even if that truth isn’t popular, mainstream, or even accepted by others… it is your truth, it is your duty to take coherent, proactive action to PROTECT IT.

The new consciousness is in the heart, not in the head. The heart is your truth, and your intuition is spelling it out to you. Go within to find clarity.

How to be coherent

It is your responsibility to take actions in coherence with your truth. Those actions may require that you let go of the “convenience” habits, gadgets, and places you were used to. We will have to disengage from the current systems since we know they are untruthful, corrupt, and obsolete.

The disengagement from “convenience” might feel like returning to the Stone Age, but what is important to understand is that this is temporary and necessary during the transition process in order to create space, demand, and markets for the new systems and technologies that are aligned with the four energy streams of the new era. We will return to a level of convenience and automation beyond your imagination with truthful, safe, benevolent, compassionate, kind, and loving systems that respect full sovereignty.

In the meantime, we must disengage and act coherently with our values.

I share with you what I’m doing as an example (It is just my truth, you will do what’s relevant for you 😊)

I intend to create a life in tune with the four energy streams of the new consciousness.

For me, this means (at least for now) no television, no media stream, no radio, and nothing that implants ideas in my brain that aren’t my truth. Yes, it is a hassle because I have to wiggle around to find independent truthful news outlets to keep in touch with what’s happening without corrupting my positive spirit. It took me a lot of work, effort, and analysis to review the independent outlets and to verify that their analysis and information were transparent, truthful, and aligned with the new era and my values.

This is the type of proactive action that I’m talking about. It is not about fighting the world; it is about preserving your truth, your values, and your identity as a human being.

I did the same thing with social media. I closed the accounts from companies that do not have the values I stand for. I opened accounts with the new independent social platforms. Yes, it is inconvenient, especially because everyone uses the old platforms and they do not want to change, but that doesn’t mean that I have to force myself to give my energy, time, attention, privacy, data, and money to a platform that goes against my personal values. I found alternative and creative ways to reach out to people. It just needs a bit of creativity and checking out of laziness.

I’m seriously environmentally aware, and I have chosen to live a life that reflects my environmental values. I buy products from companies that also have taken serious responsibility for the environment and the quality of things they sell. I put quality food in my body: clean, organic, non-GMO, ALIVE foods. Most of them don’t have plastic packages or untruthful marketing messages. I support local producers and got out of the big brands. Yes, it requires a bit more effort to find what I want. I need to visit more stores instead of only one and carry reusable bags and containers. But as a result of my effort, I have discovered beautiful products and honest family local brands, and the more I do this, the easier it gets.

Sanity = clarity + coherence + action

The whole point of proactive action is that I have the power of the CONSUMER.

No company, platform, system, or government will ever exist if they don’t have CLIENTS.

This is the golden key—in our hands—that will transform the world into the one we want. Because we have (for the first time in centuries) a unified collective strong desire for truthfulness and sovereignty, and using our consumer power—the golden key—we can create radical change. We extinguish the “life force” of the old systems when we remove our engagement, energy, attention, time, and money from those systems. We extinguish the system without violence but with peaceful resistance.


They also have the responsibility to assert their values. Businesses and corporations are not entities by themselves; they are the reflection of the people in them. The people carry the spirit and the truth that lives within them and imprint it throughout the business.

When a person has clarity on what their values are, on what they stand for, they either stay in business or with a corporation because the collective values align with their own, or they leave because they look and stand for different things. This is part of your clarity and coherent, proactive action.

When the leaders of businesses and corporations clarify their truth and the values they stand for, it is their responsibility to reflect them in every action and decision, and at all levels of their organization. Today’s biggest problems in many businesses and corporations are that the values and principles are relegated to poetry hanging on the wall. They’re comfortable using the old paradigm of employing Public Relations specialists to hide the truth by reciting that poetry as a company’s response when things go south. It is not about poetry but about concrete action and assuming full responsibility when things go wrong.

In light of this transition, businesses and corporations will also have to check out from convenience, some revenue, and some growth (for a little while during the transition) to preserve integrity, truthfulness, benevolence, and transparency. As of today, very few companies are willing to strive for this level of commitment. Perhaps because in their fearful mind, only the worst could happen. What they can’t see is that resources expand in response to benevolence. Benevolence brings about more benevolence. In this energetic world, there is an infinite potential for expansion to support any benevolent business development and growth. A win-win situation is the ultimate pursuit.

Examples I am inspired by:

I would like to mention two examples of companies that have taken coherent, proactive action and that are an inspiration for me:

* Lush has taken coherent, proactive action toward its social media position. In late 2021, they decided to close their profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, and TikTok. Those social media companies do not align with Lush’s values nor with what the organization wants for their precious customers and the young community.

This was a bold and substantial move, not only for coherence but because it paves the way with inspiration for others to follow. This is what PROACTIVE COHERENT ACTION means in a business and corporation. It was not about fighting anyone, it was about leaving and checking out from what didn’t resonate with them. 

I invite businesses willing to align with their values and the new octave of consciousness to extend the cleanup not only for social media but for products, suppliers, partners, business models, boards, managers, personnel, and even clients that don’t align with your values. The benefits of truthfulness and coherence will always outweigh their price.

* Gravity Payments has taken coherent, proactive action towards the unbalanced salaries system. Its CEO, Dan Price, committed to treating people in his organization with basic respect, acknowledging their value and doing something about the disproportionate difference between CEO’s salaries and the salaries of the workforce; he did the unthinkable. He cut his CEO salary by $1 million to raise the minimum wage to $70k for all his employees back in 2015. Today his company has improved in every area: employees, culture, sales, and growth, not to mention the creative, engaged collaboration from all the employees to manage the crisis of the last two years. An inspiring and unseen business culture with a true “One for all and all for one philosophy.” This CEO knows he cannot change the laws, but he knows that he can take PROACTIVE COHERENT ACTION in his organization at his level of governance, and he courageously did.

In my view, the famous quote applies beautifully here: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”―Mahatma Gandhi. It is not about burning effort and energy in fighting, it is about the coherent, proactive actions we can do by leveraging the power of peaceful resistance.

Note: There are no affiliate links or benefits I receive from mentioning these two initiatives. I do not even know them personally. I am simply deeply inspired by what they did, and for me, they are examples to be followed moving into the transition of this new era – new consciousness.


Mahatma Gandhi gave us a true example of the power of peaceful resistance: “Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind.” This is one of his famous quotes and the core of his teaching.

This great leader and exemplary visionary show us that truth always wins. It is even written in a few books: “the truth will make you free.”  😊

M. Gandhi led a life that reflected his truth, his values, and what he stands for, and he did it with compassion, perseverance, forgiveness, and non-violence. He wanted freedom and obtained that against all odds without firing a gun. “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”― Mahatma Gandhi.

Safety and security at the expense of a gun are the biggest illusion. The biggest lie is that, to obtain or preserve peace, we need war. In energy dynamics, that which is like into itself is drawn. War ONLY creates more war, destruction, and famine.

War, guns, and the whole military complex are unnecessary for the next era of our evolution if we—the people—learn to disconnect from fear and connect to love, kindness, and compassion.
We cannot bring new inventions and technology that will bring us benevolence, peace, health, abundance, and prosperity UNTIL we terminate the addiction to war, guns, and violence.

Today, we have the potentiality to create a better world for ourselves and our children, but it is up to us to take coherent, proactive action towards our truth with honesty, compassion, perseverance, forgiveness, and peaceful resistance, just as M. Gandhi did in his time. He shows us the how-to; even though YouTube wasn’t available in his time, his teaching is a “how-to” video.

 In his words: “Every revolution begins with a single act of defiance.”


Being coherent takes defiance, courage, and proactivity and can be done in total peaceful resistance. One could think that I am just one person and the action of one person cannot change the world. 

Well, dear one, here is where that thought needs a bit of redirection.

When you, as an individual, become coherent and truthful to yourself, you are creating INSPIRATION. Which in turn inspires others to also become truthful to themselves. This, in turn, creates a collectivity of people living in truth, which creates space and markets for new alternative systems, technologies, and inventions that respond to that truthful life. This, in turn, creates a critical mass in energetic resonance that installs a new state of consciousness.

It is a cascade of events that always starts with only one first move from one person. It is the move of the first domino that resounds on the rest to unleash the domino effect.

Never underestimate the action of one human.

It has been fascinating to finally be at the point in our evolution where we can witness and experience what Light does inside of ourselves. Your truth is your light. See how your light changes perception, clarifies choice, shifts desire, and balances triggers and emotions far more quickly than your fears.


* The world is not doomed, only transitioning to a new level of consciousness and a benevolent, prosperous future.

* We all must participate in the transition by playing our part, which is taking coherent, proactive action aligned with our heart’s truth.

* Prioritize your inner work (soul and heart connection), where you will find your truth. 

* No fighting with the old systems based on fear and power over the other is necessary; simply disengage from them.

* Look for the new emerging systems that carry in their values and language the four energy streams of the new consciousness: Truthfulness, Sovereignty, Love, and Unity, and support them. Look for kindness and compassionate actions and support those initiatives.

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