Soul Connection Activation

eight weeks to activate your soul connection

An accelerated private mentoring online live program that blends mentoring, training and implementation for you to receive the gift of opening to the infinite to expand your mindset to help you activate your Soul connection.
The results:
• Simplify your life.
• Access your Soul’s portal anytime, anywhere.
• Discover your unique attributes, what you really want and how to get it guilt-free, with zero regrets.

Are you


Are you at a crossroads, feeling unfulfilled, disconnected and confused about who you are and what you really want in life?

Are you a professional who, after years of work, finds yourself still chasing fulfillment, balance and happiness, making you feel frustrated?

You know what you really want, but you are scared to make any risky moves because you’re too invested in other things or don’t want to hurt your loved ones?

Are you afraid that the clock is ticking, you’re aging, and you won’t have time left to live your Soul’s purpose?

Your solution


Start by knowing there is nothing “wrong” with you. Frustration is a symptom of not doing what you really want to do. Your life is currently in misalignment with your Soul. When you align with your Soul, you gain clarity on what’s not working in your life and the courage to change it. I invite you to align with your Soul through INFINITY, a soul connection activation program.

Stop Fitting In and Start Tuning In!

Your path to




What you gain

  • You receive the gift of opening to the infinite to expand your mindset and fill your life with a refreshing level of simplicity.
  • Find YOUR WAY to access your your Soul’s portal anytime, anywhere.
  • Get crystal clear on your unique attributes and what you really want.

What is it

  • An intense month and a half of six weekly 90-minutes private meetings live by Zoom and implementation exercises each week that accelerate your Soul connection.
  • Discover and integrate the six pillars to activate your Soul’s portal in a way that works for you.
  • Connect deeply with your Soul’s desires and purpose guilt-free.

Unique program

  • A unique blend of mentoring, training and exercises to help you reach the kind of deep, nourishing connection that transforms your daily life.
  • This unique program focuses on implementation, going beyond complicated theories to the simplicity of everyday application so that you can see tangible results in your life.
  • It is not designed to push you to follow a–fit for all–model, nor to inflict my way on you but is about figuring out your unique steps and ways that work for you.



You have realized the clock is ticking; make this year YOUR YEAR. It is your time for you to live the life you want rather than the life you’re “forcing” yourself to live. Joining INFINITY, this Soul connection activation program, you embark on a mission that keeps yourself focused, straightforward on the program’s milestones and completion, and last but not least, committed to your growth.

It’s your time

Your mission–should you choose to accept it–is to to spend the next six weeks discovering and integrating six pillars so you can expand your mindset, activate your Soul’s portal, connect deeply with your Soul’s attributes, and get crystal clear on what you really want and how to get it guilt-free, with zero regrets.


Imagine now you have activated your Soul connection. You made the shift to be guided from within anytime, anywhere you need clarity.

The weight of “not knowing” is now lifted off your shoulders because you know your Soul always has the answer. Therefore, external opinions don’t impact you anymore, and the quest for external validation is over.

You have set up your morning routine and found your unique way to talk with your Soul that is easy for you, pleases you, energizes you and makes you feel your own greatness.

As you embrace the Infinity Mindset, the perception of yourself, your life and the world have been expanded and filled with so much love and simplicity that self-imposed excuses and external obstacles dissolve. You own your time and energy, and effortlessly, you say YES to what is aligned and nourishing to you, and you say NO to what distracts and drains you, guilt-free.

You have found what truly matters to you in every area of your life, and you feel free to take action towards it. You are constantly in your genius zone, and it’s exhilarating and peaceful at the same time. Your creative mind works at the speed of light, nurturing your unique gifts.

You are radiant and peaceful with a renewed sense of happiness and flow that others acknowledge and appreciate.

Courageously, walking your growth path and falling in love with your life.

Take a look at


Your program INFINITY, Soul connection activation, includes four stages:


A radical life change starts here.

You are about to have a taste of your Soul in ways that many people never feel in their entire lifetime. Yet before this happens, you will have to prepare yourself to make the most of your INFINITY voyage and avoid falling into the mental trap – “I have to understand before I do”- or the emotional trap “It is too painful, I better back off” that many people fall into when it comes to Soul connection.

During this alignment you’ll gain a bird’s eye view of your life that will dissolve detrimental negative self-talk you might have been carrying and you’ll learn a tool that will keep you focused on your goals and connected to the infinite.
This unique implementation approach to Soul connection activation prioritizes implementation over understanding, therefore you will be defining your goals from week one and actively working through the program.


Turning Your Difficult Life into an Extraordinary Life

Receive the gift of opening to the infinite to expand perspective–which doesn’t happen by chance nor by waiting for someone else to do it for you.

Most people spend their lives judging their situation against other people’s opinions or narrow boxes, keeping them away from their own truth. As you open your heart to the infinite and taste the sweetness and limitlessness of your Soul, you gain a unique pair of lenses through which you will see perspectives of your life you have never seen before and gain clarity on what you really want without feeling guilty. You will gain elevated perspectives about your loved ones and the world around you to feel free to be yourself and create your Soul-driven life.

Your Soul will unveil the grace and uniqueness of your life in ways beyond your imagination.
This new pair of lenses will become your unshakable INFINITY mindset that will move you from confusion and fear to clarity and courage in any place, any time, for the rest of your life.


Define the true YOU through the eyes of your Soul.

Often people set themselves to do, behave and become the reflection of the constant echo chamber of their self-judgmental voice, their parent’s and family’s voice, and whoever’s voice they have encountered.
As you have unveiled the uniqueness and beauty of YOUR SOUL–what your Soul is all about–, you will know with precision where you are now and where your Soul-driven life is. The time is now to set yourself to close the gap once for all. You will experience what it feels like to live in full acceptance of yourself.


Adopt the Infinity mindset fully

You will become conscious of the attempts–real or imaginary–you might have tried in the past to express your Soul, but this time you carry the gift of the INFINITY mindset.

Clarity, along with simple and practical tools, are the fuel to your courage to make that “scary” choice that will move you from “I wish…” to “I am living it.”
During this stage, you will learn a very powerful tool that allows you to turn on your inner guidance instantly, like a switch, every time you need a chat with your Soul. Also, you will plan the continuity of your Soul-driven life.

Take a look at


Unique Accelerated Program


I’m serious about guiding you to overcome any potential challenge you may face on your way to mission accomplished–discovering and integrating six pillars so you can expand your mindset, activate your Soul’s portal, connect deeply with your Soul’s attributes, and get crystal clear on what you really want and how to get it guilt-free, with zero regrets.

I will be giving you exclusively dedicated time to train and guide you through INFINITY privately with a lot of love. In a world where automation and pre-recordings are becoming the norm, having a mentor’s attention for more than thirty minutes is becoming rare. You accelerate when you have dedicated attention. I am sure you will adore receiving 100% private and personal mentoring sessions in your path to your Soul.

The program INFINITY, Soul connection activation, is an intense month and a half of six weekly 90-minutes private meetings live by Zoom and implementation exercises each week for you to put into practice immediately what you have learned, accelerating your Soul connection.

You will have the chance to select one schedule in which repeatedly every week your six 90-minute Zoom calls will take place.

Imagine jumping on your weekly call and being able to review your milestones, receive feedback on your implementation challenges and dissolve any roadblocks you have been experiencing to move forward quickly.


Bonus 1



Let go of resentment and other emotional baggage energies so that you can clear the energy pathway to enhance your Soul connection.

It is a 1.5 hour online group session available for you at the end of the program.

VALUE: $150 

Two colorful hands touching by the index finger

Your peace of mind with your



I am confident that you will love INFINITY, and I am committed to providing you with a 90-minute mentoring session every week for 8 weeks; I trust you will do your best to learn and integrate what INFINITY gives you.
The reality is that, for this to work, there has to be a mutual partnership: me delivering the program and you taking the necessary actions to get the results you want in your life. Although I love that I could “do the work for you,” the reality is that I can’t. Only YOU can connect with YOUR SOUL.

I offer you a “Love It or Leave It Guarantee”, where you have the first fourteen (14) calendar days to enjoy our private mentoring sessions. If you feel we are not a match to work together for ANY reason, you can cancel within the first fourteen (14) calendar days after the start date (first session meeting) of the mentoring program. By sending a written message to and you will be released from paying the remaining four (6) sessions.

Your time is now!


Book your free discovery call to get answers to any questions you have about about INFINITY, Soul connection activation. In addition, I have reserved a few loving surprises for you on the call. It is essential for us that you make an informed decision.

If you choose to accept your mission, your private mentoring program starts immediately. You will have access to Carolina’s calendar to select a time that works for you. All eight (8) weekly meetings will be held on the same schedule you have chosen.

Heads up – a unique private mentoring program requires a 4-figure investment.

people loving it

This was a beautiful gift! I knew it would open my eyes to my infinite potential, although I couldn’t imagine how we would get there, I was surprised by how pragmatic and “common sense” the approach was, making this course very accessible to a wide range of people.
Carolina, you are an EXCELLENT teacher! Your passion for this topic comes through in every session, and your ability to bring these concepts into my reality by providing relatable examples, and by asking me some tough but thoughtful questions is truly a gift that you have.
I loved the one-on-one time I got to spend with you! I felt safe revealing my innermost thoughts because I knew I was in a place of non judgment and support.

Natalie Rourke

Your trainer & mentor


Carolina's portrait in orange blouse and grey background

My Invisible Prison

For years, I walked through life, divided in two. On one side, a mind filled with education and justifications for following the path of success to the promised land of rewards, fulfillment and happiness. On the other side, a call from the heart urging me to reconnect with my essence, my Soul.

I betrayed my heart, not knowing its cost on my life. I became a “socially accepted” corporate professional creating a rigid mind that got the best of me. I ended up climbing the corporate ladder of the pharmaceutical industry; I was locked in the prison of my rigid mind without even knowing. Unfulfilled, frustrated and depleted, I was lost in a world I did not belong to. I hit rock bottom into an existential depression that changed the course of my life forever. I was awakening to the whisper of my Soul!

Desperation or Courage

Desperation or courage, I’m still not sure what it was… I said “no more” to the corporate world without looking back and without any plan. Honouring my Soul’s call, I committed to my spiritual journey. That alone gave me the key that would free me from my own prison.

My relentless pursuit for freedom, meaning, purpose, happiness and inner peace took me out of the traditional success path into a world of sensitivity, self-discovery, and Soul connection. I learned to manage my energy, nurture a simple yet powerful mindset and apply practical strategies to live my Soul-driven life. I became the success story of a simple yet powerful choice; I chose to honour my Soul.

Living from my Soul

I went from being lost to discovering the certainty of what my Soul is all about and what makes me thrive. I found the freedom, energy and time to make the necessary changes in myself, my work, relationships and family. I recovered my ideal weight, got off painkillers, and my physical appearance now reflects my state of Soul-flow. I’m living from my Soul!
Today, my unique approach embracing simplicity, expanding mindset and energy alignment combined with my intuitive guide has greatly benefited my clients in their path to their soul connection, clarity, and freedom to change their lives.

Your time is now!


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