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Free Self-Assessment Tool

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With this self-assessment tool, you will know with precision how much clarity, balance and congruency you have with your Soul in each and every aspect of your life.

  • Uncover the hidden challenges that are stopping you from creating your ideal life.
  • Find how your mind, body and soul alignment is affecting your energy and your quality of life.

Includes a Free 30 minutes Soul Mentoring session

  • I’ll share three customized strategies that work for you so you can start your journey right away.



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I was looking to the idea of having some ideal to strive towards. I knew the self-assessment was going to “ask me questions” that I did not even know I should be asking. When I saw the results, I felt equipped and curious to keep searching for the gaps. During the session Carolina suggested some very practical strategies that I knew I could put in place right away. And in the two days following the session “after-shocks” kept showing up making it impossible to ignore some aspects of my daily choices that I was not prioritizing before. Very timely and practical and useful to me long term.

Junia Freitas


I was taught to follow a path for apparent success and built a science and management career in renowned corporations for over two decades. Successful yet constantly uncomfortable, I couldn’t settle for this success path. I walked through life, divided in two. On one side, my mind was full of education and justifications for why the path traced for success should result in fulfillment and happiness. On the other side, my heart tells me to get out of the conventional path to follow my Essence, my Soul, and reveal my greatest gifts.

My relentless pursuit of meaning, purpose, happiness and inner peace took me out of the success path into a space of sensitivity, self-discovery, and Soul connection. Devoted to connecting to my Soul and recovering a new sense of meaning and well-being, I trained myself to align with my Soul. I learned to manage my energy, nurture a simple yet powerful mindset, and apply practical strategies to live a Soul-driven life.
Today, as a transformation catalyst, my contribution is to empower people to align with their Souls and manage their energy to create a life that honours their uniqueness and matches their truth, one Soul at a time.

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After signing up, you must confirm your request to receive access. Look for the confirmation email to confirm. Privacy Policy.

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